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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

DIY Fall Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Happy first day of FALL!!!

I have a special treat for you today! A few weeks ago, I discovered a wreath tutorial on the Nia's Nest youtube channel. I thought "I can do that!" And I was so excited! I looked easy and I wanted to try. So here's what I did...

First, here's what you need:
  • An 18 or 20 inch wire wreath frame. You can get them at Hobby Lobby in the floral section. I accidentally got a 24 inch one... More on that later
  • 3 rolls of burlap ribbon. I also go this at Hobby Lobby.
  • Anything you want to decorate the wreath with. I got a big bow in fall colors, a sparkly pumpkin, leaves and corn.
  • A hot glue gun and hot glue sticks (not pictured)
The first thing you'll do is unroll one of the rolls of burlap and put the end under the wreath frame. Then fold the tip into a point.
Put that tip over the bottom rung (the one closest to the center of the wreath), under the next one, over the third, and over the last one (the one farthest to the outside). This is simply to hold the burlap in place as you "wrap" the frame.
Now start making the ruffles. Pull the first ruffle up through the first (closest to the center) and second rung.
Pull another ruffle through the next two rungs and a third through the last two. That is your first row of ruffles. Each section of the wire frame will have two rows of ruffles putting six ruffles in each section.
Keep going all around the wreath. Below is three rows of ruffles.
Once you get toward the end of the first roll of burlap (about as much as I have left below) stop and turn the wreath over. This was a problem for me though because my frame was bigger than what I planned for. I stopped here but I had to go back and use some more of each roll to make it fit all the way around the frame. I hope that makes sense.
Anyway, you take your left over burlap and twist it...
Then stick it under the first and last rungs to keep in place.
Next, start a new roll of burlap exactly like you did with the first one. Create a point and weave it in and out of the rungs.
Continue creating ruffles all the way around the wreath using all three rolls of burlap.
Once you've got the entire wreath covered, work your way around fluffing the ruffles out until it looks symmetrical and full.
I attached the bow to the spot on the wreath where the last burlap roll ended and there was a little gap. I used the twist ties at the back of the bow.
Then I fluffed up the bow.
The pumpkin I bought had a long stem, so I just stuck the stem through the burlap and the wire frame and bent it around the frame a couple times (the second picture below).
Then I cut the stems off of the ears of corn and the leaves with a wire cutter.
And I placed them around the pumpkin where I wanted them.
Then I hot glued them down to the burlap.
Make sure you put something down under the wreath in case the glue goes through the burlap. I used the cardboard backing from the bow.
Here's the finished product. Or so I thought...
When I put it on my door, I thought it needed something more because it was so big around. So I added this 'M' that I had. It was already wrapped in fall ribbon from a wreath I made 2 years ago. So here's the real final product.
What do you think? How did I do for my first time making a ruffle wreath? Have you made a wreath like this? What other fun fall DIY projects have you done? Link to them in the comments! I'd love to see them!

Thanks for reading!

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