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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How to Enjoy the Beautiful Fall Season Outside

Alright, I know I've said it before, but fall is my favorite season.

But I think some people miss out on a lot of what fall has to offer because we don't think about out door activities. Summer is for doing things outside. Fall is for curling up with a blanket and warm drink. Well, to an extent that's true, but there are a lot of ways to enjoy fall outside too! I love the crisp, cool air and the changing leaves and apple picking!

So I thought I'd share some ideas for how to enjoy fall outside!

First of all, dress appropriately.

Layers, layers, layers. That's the key in the autumn. Temperatures could fluctuate 20° in one day. Though that can happen any time of year, it's more noticeable in the fall because 70° to 50° seems more of a jump than 90° to 70° or 30° to 10°. I think it's because 70° is in the warmer range but 50° is in the cooler range. Anyway, all this to say, be prepared with layers you can take off and put back on throughout the day. And sometimes it takes more than one layer. Bring a cardigan AND a jacket. You can always leave the jacket in the car at times.

Bring a warm beverage. 

Coffee, hot chocolate, and hot cider just taste better in the fall, right? So when you're going to be outside for a while, buy a hot chocolate from the concession stand or bring along a thermos of coffee. Slow down, sip on your cuppa, and enjoy the beautiful season! 

Go on casual walks but be sure to take your camera.

We all know changing leaves are beautiful, so use that as motivation to get out and go on a walk. Take your camera and get some amazing shots! 

Enjoy a bonfire.

Can you think of a better reason to spend an evening outside in the fall than a bonfire? I can't! S'mores, roasted hot dogs, and songs of praise to God with good friends. Need I say more?

Of course, if you want to have a smaller version, just get a flower pot, cover the inside with foil, and put some char-coal in there. Light it and you have a mini fire pit for two. Roast some marshmallows on your patio for a fun date night!

Watch or play football.

I don't know about you, but for me, football is a great excuse to get outside and enjoy fall! Whether you're watching or playing, enjoy every minute of it!

For more ideas of things to do in the fall, check out this post of fall date ideas from last year.

What are some ways you like to enjoy fall outside?
Thanks for reading!

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