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Monday, October 12, 2015

The Perfect Saturday Uniform for the Fall

Soffee shirt: Zulily (like 2 years ago) || Joggers: Fabletics (the Juilliard Jogger) || Toms: Zulily (last year)

Football might just be my favorite thing about fall.

College football to be exact. Pro football is great, don't get me wrong (Falcons, rise up!), but I just don't get that into it. Part of it may be that we can't watch many Falcons games here in Ohio while we have access to a ton of college games through Watch ESPN. But I think most if it is because Sundays just weren't all about football for us growing up. Saturdays were.
Bulldog Earrings: OLD (similar, stud option, another cute option) || Georgia necklace: I don't remember (similar, similar) || Watch: Amazon || Rings: Guven's 
Please excuse the dog hair all over my pants. It's an accessory in our house. 
Red and black Toms, FOR THE WIN!
Can you tell who I cheer for? (Go Dawgs! Sic 'em!)

So these pictures are basically my Saturday uniform in the fall. When it gets a little cooler, I add a hoodie. This one is super old. I think I actually stole it from my brother a few years ago.
If I wear any makeup at all, it's only some BB cream and mascara. These joggers are so comfy yet they're not frumpy like some sweatpants. And I feel better about wearing them in public than leggings (though sometimes I do wear leggings as pants at home on the weekends). 

Anyway, Saturdays are my favorite. Especially in the fall. And especially when Pearson is home to watch football with me. This doesn't happen that often, but when it does, we take full advantage with cuddles and football food (read: frozen tacos and pizza).
Pip's "Rufferee" costume: Target
Watching college football on Saturdays in the fall has sort of become a tradition for our little family and I LOVE it!

Do you like college football?
Do you go all out like I do?
Thanks for reading.

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