Enduring All Things: September 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Just an Update

Anybody need a little help smiling today? I found this fantastic article that I had to share. It made me happy just reading it. Don't all of those things sound just lovely!? I especially like "8. The moments when I realize there’s nowhere I’d rather be than where I am right then.", and "13. The smell and feel of old books as I’m browsing my local book store.", and "26. Completing challenging tasks. That makes me feel bullet-proof!", and "36. When my husband gets into bed way later than me and inadvertently wakes me up by cuddling." and "39. Falling asleep outdoors with the sun on my face." Ok I better stop before I list half the article. You can read it for yourself.

So this weekend, Pearson and I both got sick. :( BUT on a brighter note... It's beginning to look a lot like fall-time! Haha. I think that is probably why we got sick- Changing of seasons in a new region, maybe? Hey, that rhymed! I LOVE fall!! It is my favorite season! Cardigans, scarves, boots, changing leaves, Halloween, cool breezes, the smell of camp fires, hay rides and fall festivals. I love it all! I stepped outside on Saturday and was overwhelmed by the temperature and smell of the crisp air and my face lit up and I thought "It is fall! I have been waiting all year for this!" Sigh.

We decided to do this monthly "Mystery Date" where one of us plans a whole date and the other one has no idea what it until we get there. So I tried to do this on Friday. I found a drive-in theater online and told Pearson to just be ready by 6:30 and to wear whatever he wore to school. We drove to south Columbus with a cooler full of food hidden in the trunk and pulled up to see that we were the only people there and the drive in was very sketchy and in a sketchy part of town... We decided to forget it and come home and watch some "Supernatural."

Oh that's another thing. We have been watching "Supernatural" on Netflix and are hooked. We are half way through the 2nd season. It is kind of creepy but so good and addicting. It is a suspenseful show but one of those that is a mystery. You try to figure it out by the end of the episode.

Sorry this post jumps around so much. There is a lot on my mind haha. So this week We are going to 4 events according to Facebook! And I thought we were going to be bored on the weekends and not make any friends. Psh. Ok I didn't really believe that would happen but it did cross my mind a couple times- you know how it is when you move away. And I always think of worst scenarios. Anyway, we are going to bible study tonight like we do every Tuesday night for Buckeyes for Christ (the college and just-out-of-college group at church). Then of course tomorrow we go to mid week bible study at church. Thursday we are bowling with Buckeyes for Christ. Then Friday we are going to a cookout. And Saturday we are going to a Hog Roast! So we have a busy week and that means I only have to cook a couple times!

**Update 9/18 On Saturday, Pearson ended up going to the OSU game instead of the Hog Roast because a guy from church had one extra ticket at the last minute. He had a ton of fun. I went to the Hog Roast and stayed a lot longer than I thought I would. Haha

Thanks for reading!
Mrs. Charlene Maugeri
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