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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hiro the Hero

The latest SyFy/Action/Drama/Fantasy TV show on the Maugeri's watch list is... Drum roll please... Heroes!

We watched 16 episodes on Saturday. I know. It was an accident. Neither of us could sleep in for some reason so we got up and wanted to watch something. Since we are caught up on our big shows (Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, The Vampire Diaries), we went through Netflix looking for something new. When I saw Heroes, I remembered watching an episode or two Freshman year with my roommate. So we watched the Pilot. Then we had to watch the next one. And another. After that it was just about lunch time... One thing led to another and after 16 episodes, we had to call it quits. Monday and Tuesday we watched the rest of season one.

It is thrilling. Brilliant. Well, at least the first season was. It starts out with a bunch of stories of 'Super Heroes' that are discovering their abilities for the first time. And as the season progresses, they all learn their role in saving the world and have to work together. Don't worry, I won't give too much away but it is so good. You have to keep watching to see what happens next and how these people are connected.

My favorite character is Hiro. He is a cute little happy-go-lucky Japanese man who gets so excited over things like going to New York. He is convinced that it is his destiny to save the world even with close friends and family doubting him.

Again, I recommend this show to anybody and everybody.
Thanks for reading!
Mrs. Charlene Maugeri

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