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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday: God's Word

Today (and every day) I am thankful for...

The Bible
I have been studying Genesis lately to prepare for Bible Bowl. This got me thinking about reading my Bible and the fact that I have a Bible. Sure now I am reading what I am reading because I am in a competition, but other times I read a book that just interests me or I haven't read in a long time or I prepare for bible class or if I have a question I can go find the answer. And how/why is this possible? Because God has revealed his Truths to us. 

The other day in church, our preacher stated that there is not one person in the United States who does not own a Bible because they are not able to afford one or they have no access to one. People and religious groups give out free Bibles all the time. Not to mention that the entire thing is on the internet at Bible Gateway, You Version and, I am sure, many other places.

Side note: I was doing some research to see how many Americans own a Bible and how many Bibles Americans own etc. I found out that the average Bible reader in the US owns 3.6 Bibles. So I went around the apartment and counted ours. We have 10 in print in our apartment. This is not counting the 2 on my Kindle, Bible apps on both of our phones and what we have access to on our laptops. Crazy. And I can think of 3 more in print at my mom's house that are 'mine'.

Anyway, I am thankful that God has revealed Himself to us through the inspired writers. I am thankful that He has left nothing to the imagination really. It is all there. All the answers. All the instructions. All the reassuring passages. At our finger tips all the time. I am thankful for the technology we have today to print so many Bibles. People haven't always had that. And for the technology we have today to have the Bible on our phones and other gadgets. There is no excuse now to not have it on you all the time. In case you get in a spiritual discussion, pull out your phone. In case you are having a bad day, pull out your phone. In case you are feeling inspired to spend a little time with God, pull out your phone. In case you are having doubts, pull out your phone. Awesome! We are so blessed!

Thanks for reading!
Mrs. Charlene Maugeri

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