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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"War Changes Everything"

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So there is this show about an early 1900's English aristocratic family and their servants. It follows this family and their household through many great events throughout history including the sinking of the Titanic and World War I. It shows how the caste system slowly changes through the early 20th century and the effect this has on all of society from Lords and Ladies to servants, politicians, doctors and soldiers.

I am addicted to Downton Abbey. Completely addicted. I have watched 2 seasons in one week. I love the characters. I love the drama. I love the accents. I love the history. I love the changing attitudes. I love Maggie Smith. I love that it follows so many stories.

I can't hardly have a conversation where I don't bring up a story form Downton Abbey. The other night, I told Pearson something about one of the Earl's daughters and when I finished he said "I think this show was made for you. Like, seriously, I think there was a panel of people that got together and said 'There is this girl in Ohio named Charlene Maugeri and we should make a show for her.' and they came up with Downton Abbey."

It is so addicting because there are so many stories going on and yet they are intertwined and they all care about each other and you just grow to love them. Not to mention, there is almost no language, no vulgarity, little nudity and anything else that poisons most of TV today because it is set in the past when those things were not spoken or seen. Ever. The acting is wonderful at intense moments. The dialogue is mesmerizing. When I watch it, I feel I am living in that time and place. I have starting thinking in a British accent at times and replying with poise and proper language. I have cried both sad and happy tears and I have laughed hysterically.

There is one downside to being addicted to this show; It is British. Which means, it is not shown on TV in the US. But the first season is on Netflix. All 3 seasons are on Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video. I highly recommend it to anyone! Watch it and then we can talk about it O.o

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