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Monday, April 1, 2013

Larger Than Life

The theme for Harding University's Spring Sing show this year was "Larger Than Life". This theme was very fitting because this year marks 40 years of Harding Spring Sing (which is larger than life in so many ways) and because Dr. Burks, the beloved university president, will be retiring from his position this year and he is truly larger than life. I also feel the theme was very fitting for me in particular this year. The year after I graduated I came back to this larger than life place, saw larger than life people, remembered my larger than life experiences, and saw a larger than life show.

Here is a re-cap of the weekend because it was so marvelous and I know all of you want know all about it. (And sorry to disappoint you, but I am a horrible person and didn't take a single picture the whole weekend so this post will be mostly words- I will try to keep it short)

~Pearson and I packed the car before 7am in under 30 degree weather.
~We drove more than 11 hours to Searcy through farm country. Boring.... Especially since we hit construction and were stuck in stopped traffic on two occasions!
~We got out of the car in Searcy in 70 degrees. Glorious!
~We ate dinner with my brother and his girlfriend and while we were there, we kept getting texts from friends wanting to see us, so our table went from 4 people to 7 people before the night was over.

~Woke up and went to 10:00 chapel where we heard none other than, B. Chris Simpson speak.
         *Side Note: 2 years ago, I thought I was hearing B. Chris for the last time because he was graduating and I was really sad. I have heard him speak at least 3 times since then lol.
~After Chapel we walked around the science building and the student center and could hardly walk 10 feet before being bombarded by an old friend. This went on for hours. It was quite overwhelming.
~There were a few people we made a purposeful effort to go see during the day and we spent a good long while with each of them, including some very loved professors.
         *Sadly, I missed Coach Rags before he went home for the day. :( But there will be other opportunities to see him.
~Our 'cult' (ask Pearson called it) went to Kellum's house that night and had a pot luck style dinner. We laughed and caught up until almost midnight.

~Pearson went to Bobby's early with the guys while I stayed in bed. (They probably had a better time with only boys anyway, but I missed Bobby's!)
~We had lunch with Ashley and Taylor and Taylor's family.
~We hung out in the student center again and saw tons of awesome people. At least we were sitting down most of the time unlike Friday.
~We went to dinner with Tyler, Mary and Andrew (my brother, his girlfriend, and my cousin) before we saw Spring Sing.
~Saw a fantastic Spring Sing show. One of the best overall that I have ever seen.
~Hung out at Midnight Oil for the rest of the night with friends

~Went to College church of Christ for Easter Sunday service
~Ate lunch with Tyler one more time.
~Drove 11 hours home but we went through more cities this time so it wasn't as boring but still pretty bad.

About Spring Sing itself:
Congratulations to the Chi Sigs, Regina, OEGA, and Sig Phi show on winning first place! They did a great job and, in my opinion, completely deserved the trophy! Every show did really well and some were surprising. I was impressed with the couple clubs who did Spring Sing for the first time. It was a weird phenomenon to only know one of the hosts because I am so old, but they all did a fantastic job as well. And lastly, I am so glad, no matter how cheesy it was, that the finale number was centered on the Backstreet Boys song "Larger than Life".

To reward those of you who read this whole post... Here is the last part of the vocal flash mob that some of the Spring Singers put on before the show. Apparently I don't know how to work my phone's video feature so you only get to see the last song but you get the idea: more and more people kept joining the singers on the stairs and they did a really good job!

Thanks for reading!
Mrs. Charlene Maugeri

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