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Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding

So, if you don't already know, my best friend is getting married in one week!!! (I have already posted about it a little-and my love for weddings in general- herehere and here) I am super pumped. I am so blessed and honored to be her matron of honor. I am excited to return the favor she bestowed upon me so beautifully last year.
Me and Ashley as my maid of honor in my wedding.
Ashley and I are best friends but we got to that point in a sort of round-about way. We are 2 years apart which is usually not a big deal but when one of you is in college and the other in high school, it makes a big difference... let me start from the beginning.
Us at Harding Honor Choir 5 years ago with our matching hoodies.
We met 5 years ago at Harding University honor choir. I had just graduated from high school (in Georgia) and was about to start my freshman year at Harding University (in Arkansas). She was going into her Junior year of high school (in Tennessee). After the choir camp, we went our separate ways but always kept in touch on Facebook. 
Paint dodge ball function with ChiO's

When Ashley came to Harding 2 years later, we hit it off really well from the start like we were best friends already. We had a lot in common, namely both having brought our high school boyfriends to college with us. You would be surprised at how much this transition can bring two girls who share this similarity together. (In 7 days we will BOTH be married to said boyfriends! That's what's up!) Later that year, she pledged the social club i was in and we were put in the same prayer group. You know the saying "Sisters who pray together, stay together"? Well it is so true. There is just something about opening up to a friend and having them pray with you and for your struggles and you doing the same for her. We will forever have that bond.
Ashley, I am so happy for you and I pray that your marriage will be as rewarding for you as God intends for marriage to be. Love you!

I am so excited to go to Memphis next weekend and watch this couple start their beautiful life together and help as much as I can in the process.

Thanks for reading!

Oh! P.S. She unknowingly picked the same exact bridesmaid dresses that I had in my wedding! If that isn't evidence that we are best-friend-soul-mates, I don't know what is!

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