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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Dad

Since Sunday is Father's Day, and I won't be able to see him, today for Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for...
My Dad

My dad has been there for me through everything. He raised me as a Braves fan. He coached my softball team. He made me go to Church and taught me wrong from right. He took me on mission trips and helped my write my Lads to Leaders speeches. He disciplined me when I disobeyed and pushed me when I needed it. He walked me down the aisle and gave me away. A lot of who I am today-the decisions I make, the attitude I have, and my confidence-is because I had a fantastic dad involved in my life who showed me what to do and told me he was proud when I lived that way.

I love you, Dad, and I am truly thankful for you! Even though I am married and live 9 hours away from you, you are still my Daddy. I look up to you and appreciate you probably more than you will ever know. I am glad to make you proud and to know that you love and support me from Georgia. I miss you! I wish I could celebrate Father's Day with you.

Thanks for reading!
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