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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend Upgrade Update

So this weekend was pretty sweet. It was the first time we didn't go somewhere or have to get up early on Saturday in a long time. So we took advantage of it.

Friday: we went to the drive in theater. It was $9.00 a person for 2 movies, and they show movies that are in theaters now. There was a concession stand with drinks, popcorn, hot dogs etc., but we could have brought our own food too. It's a pretty sweet deal. We saw 'The Internship' and 'Now You See Me'. They were both really good. We sat in our comfortable seats in the car and tuned our radio into the station for the movies. And the best part was, we could talk and stuff because we were in our closed car. Pretty sweet. We will definitely do it again.
(I got these pictures from their Facebook page.)

Saturday: Pearson had to go into the lab. Boo. So I got some stuff done around the house.
  • I made this awesome earring holder.
  • I cleaned the apartment
  • I painted my nails
  • I put Christmas lights up on our patio.
We got the furniture a little while ago and there's more about the grill below.
When Pearson got home, we ate dinner then went to see 'Man of Steel'. I have to be honest, it was a letdown. I was expecting it to be really awesome. The previews made it look awesome. Christopher Nolan produced it and wrote the story. He did so well with Batman. But it was just too much. There was way too much fighting and destroying of buildings and not enough story telling. It got to be ridiculous and at one point, Pearson and I looked at each other like "Is it really not over yet?" And they didn't explain a lot of stuff. It is kinda sad because Superman was already probably my least favorite superhero out of everybody in DC, Marvel, and everything, and now he is even further down on the list, if possible. It isn't his fault. Poor Clark.

Sunday: We went to Church and heard a fantastic Father's Day sermon. Then we came home and had breakfast for lunch and went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. We love that place, and we possible went a little crazy. But the produce just looks so good there. Anyway, we have decided we are going to try the Paleo Diet. We aren't gonna go crazy and buy the books and completely cut everything out, but we are going to use it as a guideline to healthier eating. This is why we went to Trader Joe's instead of Kroger this week.

After Trader Joe's, we went to buy a gas grill that we had been eyeing at the Kroger Marketplace across the street from our apartment complex. We went to get it and they were completely out of the one we wanted. They didn't even have it on display anymore. So we went to Home Depot where we knew they had one a lot like it, but we wouldn't have a coupon for it. :/ So we bought the grill and brought it home.
After evening church service that night, we put the grill together. I guess you could say we were in "home improvement" mode or something, because we rearranged the entire living room to better accommodate the patio door. Here are some before and after pics.
Basically we switched the love seat and recliner. And moved the TV and stuff over.
(And those are curtains on the floor in front of the window)

The new console table behind the love seat. I love this!
We also got curtains for the patio door but we haven't put them up yet because we have to buy extenders to let them clear the blinds on the door.

Anyway, it feels good to have gotten all this done this weekend, and to have time to see movies and chill a little. I believe next weekend we are gonna plant some flowers in the little flowerbed we have in the patio area. I am so excited that the patio is becoming presentable and enjoyable. I love being outside and having a comfortable, inviting space makes all the difference.

Thanks for reading!
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