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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Weddings

Oops, forgot to publish this yesterday... Today for Thankful Thursday I am thankful for...

Weddings are just so wonderful. I love them. We are on our way right now to Arkansas/Missouri to see my cousin get married [the wedding is in Missouri on Saturday but we will be staying with family in Arkansas]. This will be the 5th wedding Pearson and I have been to this year. It is at least the 10th one we I have wanted to go to, but that is just not physically possible. And we are going to at least one [possibly two] more before the year is over.

But I truly am thankful for them because they remind me of how beautiful the love is between a husband and wife. And how that love is even more beautiful when the marriage is centered on God. Every wedding we have been to this summer has been centered on God. That means the marriages will most likely be centered on God as well. And that makes my heart smile.

Weddings also remind me of the promise I made to Pearson about a year ago. To have and to hold till death do us part. I have every intention of keeping that promise forever, no matter how difficult it gets. I am so thankful I have been given the opportunity to spend forever with the one I love and I am thankful to be reminded of that so often by such beautiful, uplifting, and fun weddings.

If you are one of the couples who have gotten/are getting married this year that I talked about above, thank you. Thanks for inviting us to be a part of your special day and thank you for keeping God first and for promising to love one another forever and for being an encouragement to me. Stay strong in your commitment. God bless you!

Thanks for reading!
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