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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DIY: Long-Distance-Best-Friends Coffee Mugs

Remember my best friend, Ashley? You know, the one who got married in June. Well, her birthday was last Wednesday. I wanted to do something fun for her, but she lives in Arkansas and I live in Ohio.... So I turned to the trusty Pinterest. I wanted to find something practical, but also cute and sentimental.
Alas, "Long-Distance-Best-Friends coffee mugs" {I made up the name}

Here is the pin that I found...

I decided to go for it.

What I used:
  1. Cheap, white mugs. I bought white porcelain mugs from Target, but I found out later that the marker stays better on ceramic. So Ash, if the marker starts coming off, tell me and I can make another one.
  2. Sharpies. I used black and red.  (The red sharpie turns yellow in the oven so you might want to use another color. I just drew over them again after I baked the mugs.)
  3. Hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, or acetone nail polish remover to fix mistakes.
  4. A box and bubble wrap for packing to send to your friend. I just did this part at the post office.
What I did:
  1. I stuck both mugs in the dishwasher with a load of dirty dishes before I started my project.
  2. I printed the shapes of our two states (Ohio for me and Arkansas for her) off the computer and cut them out.
  3. I practiced tracing them on paper.
  4. I taped them to the mugs and traced around them ever so lightly with sharpie.
  5. After I got them traced, I took the paper off the mugs and went over my drawings darker with the sharpie.
  6. Next I put little red hearts over Columbus and Searcy, where we each live. Then I put the mugs side by side and drew a dotted line between the hearts.
  7. I wrote the names of the states above the outlines. Not that I don't think people will know what the states are but I just felt like it needed something else.
  8. I decided to write "Best... ...Friends" on the inside of the mugs instead of "Miss You" like the original tutorial I found. I just liked this better and thought it fit better with the fact that she would have one and I would have the other. You know, like the "best friends" necklaces that young girls wear. Now this step is hard because you are writing inside the cup. I admit, I messed up a couple of times, but while the marker was still wet, I was able to wipe it off with hydrogen peroxide and fix it. I hear that acetone nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol both work too, but I did not try these, so don't blame me if they don't work.
  9. Once I got the mugs looking the way I liked, I popped them in the cold oven and turned it to 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. I researched this quite a bit before I did it and learned that the hotter the oven, the better the marker will stay, but if you put the mugs in an already-hot oven, they could crack. They need to slowly heat up with the oven. Likewise, if you take them out of the oven immediately, the could crack. So after the 30 minutes, I turned the oven off and let it cool with the mugs still inside.
  10. While the mugs were baking, I checked on them several times because I was a little worried they might turn yellow. I had read of this happening sometimes but it was not a problem with me.
  11. When they were done baking and had cooled completely, I took them out of the oven. I packed the Ohio one up in a box and mailed it to Arkansas along with a picture of the two mugs together. I kept the Arkansas one and I think of Ashley every time I drink out of it.
  12. And one last tip, supposedly these are dishwasher save, but I think I am only going to hand wash mine. I mean after all, I am probably the only one who will be using it so it won't need to be washed very much anyway.
Ashley got her mug the day before her birthday and posted this picture on Facebook with the caption "I have the best best friend ever!!! Love you and miss you!! Hopefully visiting you soon!!!!". I am really glad she liked it and I really hope the marker stays on them.

Thanks so much for reading!
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