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Monday, October 14, 2013

A Day in the Life: Pip Edition

Hi! I'm Pip. Mommy is letting me write (or dictate) on her blog today. I thought I would just tell you how a typical day goes for me because, lets face it, I have a freaking fantastic life.
Daddy usually gets me out of my crate first thing in the morning because Mommy is usually still in bed. I get to go outside using my pretty leash that Grammy made for me. 
(It's blue with paisleys on it)
Then I come back inside and if it is too late for Mommy to still be in bed, I get to jump on her and wake her up!

Once Daddy leaves for work, my day is pretty lazy. Mommy works on her computer so a lot of the time I lay on the bed next to her just chilling. 
Aren't I just precious?
I also like to watch out the window in the spare bedroom/office. The window is just the right height for me. 

Speaking of windows, sometimes chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits like to chill on our patio. When they do that, Mommy opens the blinds so I can watch. 
Squirrel and rabbit watching takes a lot out of me so I eat some lunch.

After lunch, I have more energy. So I play with my toys. I grab them and run up and down the hall. I bug Mommy until she throws them for me to chase. I really like my squeaky alligator that Grammy gave me. 
Whoa! Scary eyes!
Great action shot, Mom!
When Daddy is on his way home, mommy opens the blinds by the front door so I can watch for him. 

When I see him coming I get so excited and I can help but jump up and greet him! 

I usually spend the rest of the evening cuddling with my loving family. Unless we go somewhere fun like the park or drive-in movie. Then I get to ride in the car! 

So that is a typical say for me. I hope you enjoyed it. I know you liked the pictures, right? How could you not? I am just so darn cute!
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