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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Am Failing {Marriage Goals}

Friends, I have a confession to make: 
I am failing at The Love Dare. My first goal for this entire month was to keep up with the daily study. Today is October 29th. We started this book study on October 1st. That means I should be reading dare number 29 today. Nope. I am on dare 21. Sigh. I could use my family being here last weekend as an excuse. But they were only here 3 or 4 days. I just got out of the habit which is inexcusable.

Not only have I fallen further behind since my last Marriage Goals update, I also didn't pay much attention to my motives so they could have been (and probably were) selfish {My other goal from last time}.

I am so frustrated with myself, but as much as I want to, I am not going to give up. I am going to finish this study.

I am not going to add any extra goals this week, but I am going to continue to catch up a little and stay on track for the remainder of the study. And I will try to focus on each dare and continue to let go of selfish motivations.

(Not from this weekend. Just a Pic I like.)

I do have one positive thing to share from this week {and it sort of goes along with The Love Dare since dare number 18 was to make a special dinner and focus on only your spouse}: On Friday, Pearson and I went on a planned date for the first time in a while which was very needed. We both left our phones at home. We went to Red Lobster for dinner where I asked him some questions I found on the internet to ask your spouse. We talked and laughed so much that we only got through the first 2 questions. Next we went to Target in search of some Halloween movies to bring home and watch, but somehow we ended up in the book section. So, we decided to buy our DVDs and head to half-price books. It was so much fun walking around and talking about our favorite childhood books and what we want to read in the future. Of course, we spent a great deal of time in the textbook section and yes, Pearson bought a math textbook just for fun. I am not surprised in the least. We came home and watched Hocus Pocus. The entire night was perfect.

Thanks for reading and here's to a better week of keeping up with my goals!

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