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Friday, November 22, 2013

Love Story: The Proposal

Continuing our love story today! {This one is exciting} Feel free to read Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them. Then come back over here!

Part 3: The Proposal

Let me give you a little back story first...

First of all, as you know, we started dating at 16. So our first kiss was on a putt putt course at a youth group event.

Secondly, one of my roommates was living and working in Birmingham the summer we got engaged [2011]. Since she is from North Arkansas, living only 3 hours away from me was a welcomed change. Therefore, she and her boyfriend came to Atlanta to visit a several times that Summer.

And lastly, I was convinced Pearson was going to wait till we got back to school after Summer break to propose because I had caught him texting some of our friends from school and it would just make sense.

Okay now that you are up to speed... 

There were only a couple weeks left of Summer vacation before we would be heading back to Harding for our Senior year. Pearson said we should have one last shindig before summer was over. He suggested that we spend a day riding go-carts and playing putt putt at Malibu Grand Prix [where we had our first kiss]. So I agreed and we planned for Saturday, July 30th.

On Monday or Tuesday of that week, while I was sitting at work [I was an intern for the company I now work for], I got a text from Mollie, my roommate. She said something along the lines of "Hey, by the way, Alex and I will be in Atlanta on Saturday. We should hang out!" So I thought 'Mollie and Alex should come to Malibu with us and play putt putt!' I thought this was MY idea... So naive.

So on Saturday, Pearson and I got to Malibu early to play around before Mollie and Alex got there. It was so fun just hanging out and goofing off. When the others got there, we started a game of putt putt. Mollie and Alex took pictures the whole time we went through the course. I just thought they were recording their trip to Atlanta and golfing with us. When we finished the 18th hole, it looked like it was about to rain any minute and there were people trying to get through the course behind us. Pearson put his club down on the green and I said "We are supposed to take those with us and turn them back in." He started to pick it up but then he said "Wait, I have to tell you something first." He grabbed my shoulders and said that he "can't remember life without me and never wants to" and some other really sweet things. Then he got down on a knee and I was completely shocked. Of course, when I could think again, I said yes- or rather nodded my head. The ring was gorgeous! Alex was snapping pics right and left and I was speechless. 

But wait! That's not all! After I said yes, Pearson's sister came running out of the building behind us! She ran up and hugged me out of nowhere! His whole family was there. My parents and my grandparents were there. They were all hiding in the building behind us. I had no idea they had snuck in! 
Asking me to marry him//I said yes!//The ring//The photographers with the newly engaged couple!
He did so well! The whole thing was absolutely perfect. I loved that so many people were involved. I really appreciate how much work and planning Pearson put into it. And to keep it a surprise from me is a BIG thing for him!

How did your husband propose? Was it a surprise like mine? Were other people involved?
Thanks for reading!
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