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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

#ThankfulProject: An Ability

This is my second entry in the Thankful Project linkup with Chasing Happy. You can read my first one (and a little more about the project) here. Today's prompt is to write about an ability I am thankful for.

I have many abilities. I am very blessed that way. And I know I take many abilities for granted, like walking, talking, breathing, seeing, and regulating my heart beat just to name a few. But today I want to focus on the ability to read.

I love to read for many reasons. The biggest reason is that when I read a novel, I get totally lost in that world. I can escape our world and spend time in theirs. The book encompasses my brain sometimes to the point that I dream about it. I think about the characters all the time and wonder what they are doing just like if they were real people. I am reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth (the 2nd book in the Divergent series) right now and it has the best of me.

But the ability to read is so much more than reading a novel. How hard would it be to drive if you couldn't read the signs? Or how could you find your way in an unfamiliar town? You couldn't text. There are not many jobs you could do. Even watching TV or movies would prove difficult at times. Not being able to read would be tougher than most of us realize. I think it is one of those things we easily take for granted. I am thankful I can read.

Another reason I am thankful for this ability is because I am able to read God's written word anytime and anywhere. I can't imagine having to take what other people say about the Bible as Truth without the ability to read, study, and come up with an answer on my own. I know they have audio books but it is not the same.

So today (and every day) I am thankful for the ability to read.
What ability are you thankful for?
Thanks for reading!

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