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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Goals

So last week I talked about setting intentional goals to be more motivated about life in general. I was in a rut and needed a change. I am actually pretty impressed with myself. I kept up with more than half of my goals so far. (That's some real confidence I have in myself, huh?)

  • Read a chapter out of the Bible every day. I believe I will start with Proverbs. I forgot to do this a couple times but I caught up the next day both times. Spending time with God in scripture should be my number one goal. I need to find a time to set aside to do this so that it isn't forgotten and I can get into a habit like I used to be. Any other suggestions on how to make this happen?
  • Rinse all dishes and put them in the dish washer as soon as we use them. No more letting them pile up. This goal was accomplished for the most part. There were only ever a couple things here and there that didn't immediately get washed.
  • Pray every night with Pearson whether we go to bed at the same time or not. Fail. We prayed before bed twice this week, I think. We just need to be more intentional about this as well. I hate that we have gotten out of the habit.
  • Have a designated weekly date night. Check! We went and saw Thor at the Dine-in theater after some Christmas shopping Friday night!
  • Set aside time for blogging every week and try not to spend too much time over that allotment. This one is really hard. I get so distracted. But I think I did pretty well. I also started accepting Sponsors this week so keeping up with that added a little more work.
  • Cook diner at home as much as possible. And try to be healthier about it. I cooked at home every night possible this week :)
  • Exercise every weekday, doing cardio and Pilates switching every day. Check! I should probably do this on the weekends too, but I couldn't bring myself to do much this weekend.
It is really kinda sad that the two goals I am failing most at are spiritual ones. It has made me reflect on my life and realize that I may need to change some priorities. I think this next week will be better.

And I would like to add one more goal. I give credit for this idea to Danielle from Simply Faithful. She recently came up with a prayer challenge in which every day for the rest of the year, she will be intentionally praying for a specific person. This idea came from the fact that so many of us tell someone we will pray for them but never really do. So another goal I have for the rest of the year is this:

  • Pick a different person or situation every day and spend some intentional time in prayer for that person.
What are your goals this week? How are you doing on your goals from last week?
Thanks for reading!

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