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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Lights, Katniss, & Doggie Day Care

I have a very special post today... I want to introduce all you wonderful readers to my fabulous 'Bisons' sponsor for this month! Jessa from The Jessa Olson Blog and her husband both work in sports. You know, basically most people's dream job! Oh and they have an adorable dog named Heisman! How perfect is that?
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I asked Jessa a few questions so you could get to know her a little better...

What is your go-to cure for Blogger’s Block?Search on Bloglovin. I love seeing what other bloggers are writing about and I usually find inspiration about that. If nothing there, then I go to Pinterest. 

What traditions are you looking forward to this holiday season?I love looking at Christmas Lights. It was something I did when I was younger, and I still love looking at lights today. There is this house in Iowa that decorates every Thanksgiving, and they always add 1 item. I love going and seeing what they add each year. 

If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?Idk about this one. That's really hard to think, and I'm extremely tired from working all day. My husbands is helping and he say Katniss from The Hunger Games. I like that answer, so that's what I will go with.

What is your favorite holiday food or drink?Egg Nog. I absolutely LOVE it!! I have been wanting it since Halloween, but since I live with the Grinch I have been waiting until after Thanksgiving. The Grinch is my husband, and he is well aware that I call him the Grinch. He calls himself the Grinch. Long story!!! 

What is one thing at the top of your bucket list?On the top of the bucket list is to visit every MLB stadium. I want to go to every stadium with my husband. If you couldn't tell since my blog is called Life of A Sports Wife. Outside of sports it is to go Italy. I love Italy, and have always wanted to go. The hubs said we will go there on a 10 year anniversary!! 
Isn't she precious? I would LOVE to visit all the MLB stadiums! I just don't think the hubby would be interested. And I think I would be Katniss too. She is pretty hardcore and not to mention, I have a rather large woman crush on Jennifer Lawrence! Ahem... 

Anyway, go check out The Jessa Olson Blog! You won't regret it. And while you are there, be sure to read these awesome posts...
P.S. I don't have anybody lined up to sponsor me next month just FYI. So if you like this sponsor spotlight, check out my options here. #ShamelessPlug

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