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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Girl Between the Lines: 3 Things I Love About Myself

Hayley from A Beautiful Exchange and Lauren from The Albrecht's Blog have started a new link-up called "The Girl Between the Lines." This link up is going to focus on bloggers being real and sharing personal things. It is always fun to read posts that allow me to get to know the blogger a little better so I am very excited to be reading and participating in this link up. It will go live every Wednesday.
Girl Between the Lines Link up
This week's prompt is "Share a photo of you with 3 things that you love about yourself!" Oh boy. I do not really even know where to start with this.

I decided to use this picture because it is the last time I had professional photos taken and I was having a good hair and makeup day that day. ;-)
Things I love about myself:
  1. My eyes: I get compliments on my big eyes all the time and I honestly love the color. (I thought I would get the one physical thing out of the way)
  2. My encouraging nature: I love to encourage other people and I think I am good at it. People have told me that I always know the right thing to say. I love nothing more than to send someone a card or something and see/hear how it made their day.
  3. My "stalker" personality: If we are friends on Facebook (or really any social media), chances are I have stalked you before. I love to know things about people. It sounds really creepy (and my husband says that it is), but I don't see it that way. I just genuinely care to get to know people and their stories. And besides, if they chose to put something publicly on the internet, it's fair game!
It is kind of weird to write about myself in such a good light. It almost feels like bragging. But I know it is important to have a good view of myself. So many people (me included) tend to focus on the negative and always try to improve themselves. Don't get me wrong, self-improvement is good, important, and healthy, but it is so easy to get carried away and end up hating everything about yourself. Remember, it is hard for others to love you if you don't already love yourself. So cheers to remembering and pointing out the good in others and ourselves!

What are some qualities you love about yourself?
Thanks for reading!

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