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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Girl Between the Lines: These are a Few of my Favorite Things

It's that time again! Another Girl Between the Lines linkup post! I just love this link up! Check out my post from last week here.
Girl Between the Lines Link up
This week's prompt: Your favorite things about the holiday season (this can be memories, decorations, shopping lists, fashion, activities, etc.)

Oh goodness! I love the holiday season. Can I cop out and just say my favorite things about the season are "Everything!" No? Ok fine! I will only pick 5 things (in no particular order, and this is NOT a comprehensive list)...

  • Christmas music. I come from a rather musical family. I grew up watching musicals and singing almost all the time. I love the cheesy Christmas songs whether they are funny, juvenile, or tear-jerking. Pearson, also comes from a musical background. He grew up singing and playing instruments. So I love listening (and singing along) to Christmas music while I work or in my car. But I also love caroling, and just singing in our home with Pearson. Music in general always cheers me up and nothing puts me in a cheery, Christmas-y mood more than a beautiful rendition of "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" or "The Christmas Shoes"
  • Decorations. As I talked about in my Thankful Thursday post last week, I LOVE Christmas decorations. They just make me so happy. I love the creative process of decorating my tree and apartment, and I love getting to admire them through the season!
    • Side note: I updated my fall wreath (tutorial here) so that I now have a Christmas wreath on my door. And it took all of like 10 minutes, tops.
  • Traditions. Like our tradition of seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert every year that started our senior year of college! We are going on Saturday! Pearson and I have both brought some of our own family's traditions into our new life together and I can't wait to keep making more.
    The stage during last year's concert
  • Family. I absolutely love spending time with my family and with my husband's family. The overwhelming feeling of love and support we receive from both of our families on a daily basis is phenomenal, but it is even better when we get to spend time with them. I love that family is so emphasized this time of year and it gives us an excuse to be with ours.
  • Corny movies and TV specials. I really love them. They never get old. I could watch a marathon of ABC Christmas specials all day and then spend the next day watching The Santa Clause, Elf, It's a Wonderful Life and all the others.
Wow, I actually kept it to 5! 
What are your favorite things about the holidays season? Go link up with Hayley and Lauren!
Thanks for reading!
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