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Friday, December 13, 2013

Wedding Series: Pre Wedding Prep

Last Friday I started a wedding series in which I am re-capping my wedding. I plan to post every Friday until I get through the whole thing. I am pretty excited about this project and will probably be editing and working on these posts a lot in the future.

Here is last week's post, in case you missed it: The Weekend.

So this week I am going to "talk" about preparing for the wedding. What I mean by that is I am going to give you a photo dump and a little explanation here and there because this consists of getting ready and taking pictures and frankly, what better way to show you guys than through pictures. OK here goes...
 We decided to do a first look before the ceremony for convenience reasons.
 We had a rather goofy wedding party.
 We finally settled down and took some family pictures.
And most importantly, we started the ceremony on the right note with a prayer of thanksgiving and guidance right before.

As with the weekend leading up to my wedding, I enjoyed my wedding day immensely! I think this has a lot to do with my wonderful friends who are just too goofy to let me be serious and worry about anything. Our photographer was fabulous! Unfortunately, he doesn't photograph weddings anymore, so I can't refer you to him or I totally would. Fortunately, I was his last wedding! Lucky me!
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