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Friday, January 10, 2014

How is My MIL Always so Calm?? {TGBTL}

I have said this before, but I married into the best family I could ever dream of. They are fun and faithful. They love me like I'm one of their own and I thank God every day for them. I know other wives are not as lucky as I am in this.

I really look up to my mother-in-law in a lot of ways. The biggest thing I admire about her is her relaxed, laid back, and calm personality. It truly astonishes me. She raised/is raising 3 wonderful boys and one fabulous girl. Her house is never quiet whenever I'm there and I am sure it never has been yet, she takes it all in stride. She really doesn't let little things get to her. There is so much happiness, love, and respect in her household, yet they have fun all the time. She disciplines her children when they need it but she shows them her patience when they need that too.

She knows how to laugh. She knows what is most important in life. And she doesn't dwell on the other, less important things. If something in her house is broken, she doesn't worry. She just laughs it off and does what needs to be done. If her kids are fighting over stupid things (unless it is really serious) she simply makes fun of them for the way they are acting. (It's all in jest and hey, it works!)

Basically, she is the complete opposite of my worrywart self. I loose sleep over the silliest things. My shoulders get all tense and have to make lists and schedule everything. My stomach gets all upset if I have to make an important phone call and if my house isn't perfect when someone comes over, forget it. I can only imagine how I will be when I have kids.

I want to be more like my MIL. I want to stop worrying and to laugh things off. I want to let things roll off my back and not worry what other people say. Easier said than done, right?

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