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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Letters to the World {number 2}

The week of Christmas I wrote a post of my letters to the world. It was a really fun post to write and I have had a few more "letters" on my mind (especially being in the midst of award season) so I thought I would try this again.

Dear Justin Timberlake,
I like your music, and I have thought you were cute since the N'Sync days, but how are you dominating the music industry so much right now? I just don't see it.
Dear Jennifer Lawrence,
Keep being awesome yourself. Well, really those two words are synonymous. But seriously, keep being awkward and real. Don't let Hollywood get to you and make you crazy like other stars around your age. And keep on being a superstar (BEST ACTRESS at 22 years old!?!?) You are an inspiration.
Dear person who invented the first frozen microwaveable meal,
I salute you. You are brilliant. Your invention makes life so much easier and I still get to have good warm meals when I don't have time to cook!

Dear Ohio Weather,
Seriously? This girl is a true Georgia Peach, and Southern Belle. I don't do well in the cold and snow. Last year you didn't snow till after Christmas and you know what, I was OK with that. I expected snow and last year we got a lot in my opinion. But this year, we've had snow on the ground consistently since the middle of November. Just stop.
Dear SnapChat
At first I didn't understand you and thought you were dumb. Now I think you're fun. Especially when my friends send me hilariously funny pictures while on medication for their wisdom teeth! And when my brother does that on a normal day.

Dear People Who Live in the Apartment Above Us,
Please tell you pet elephant to stop stomping around late at night and/or early in the morning. We like to sleep at normal sleeping hours down here.

Dear Candace Cameron Bure,
You go girl! You are another Christian star caught in the media's spotlight being criticized for your beliefs. It is so sad. Keep on keeping on. I pray that you stay strong through all this. You are such a great example for other young Christian wives!
Thanks for reading!
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