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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What If I Time Traveled Here From 2006?

Sometimes I like to imagine myself as my high school self who just time traveled to this moment in my life. Would I be surprised to see myself married and starting my third year of a real job at a real company with a real salary? What would I think of my blog? What would I think of my dog? Would I be impressed with how my life turned out? I even wonder what I would think of what I'm wearing and how I decorate my apartment.

I cried on my 16th birthday because I didn't want to grow up. I wanted to go backwards a year and celebrate my 14th birthday again. I was scared of growing up and having so many responsibilities. I didn't want to drive. I didn't want to move out in a few years. I didn't want to have to make my own decisions and spend my own money.

While my attitude toward growing up changed rather quickly after that (because I started dating Pearson-but I'm getting ahead of myself), I think that high school self would be very intimidated yet impressed if she saw me working a salaried job, putting my husband through grad school, taking care of a fur child and living 500 miles away from my parents.
A month after that little episode on my birthday, I discovered that I had a crush on a boy. I really liked this boy and I was stoked to find out for sure that he liked me back. BUT this was simply a high school crush with the hopes of turning into a relationship. I never would have thought I'd marry that boy one day.

A few months, lots of phone conversations, and one movie theater date later, that boy and I were officially dating. Again, I never would have thought I would marry that boy one day. We were simply teenagers in a relationship that would probably last only a few months. 

Two years later, that boy and I went to college together. I had wanted to go to Harding University since I was born. And I hoped to find my life partner at Harding {yes, it's a marriage factory- number 16 and 2 on these lists}, but I didn't know I would start there as a Freshman already attached to that life partner.

Growing up, I always thought I would get married one day, and in high school I hoped it would be to the boy I was dating at the time, but I certainly did not think for a million years that I we would end up in Ohio after we got married. I am the first member of my family for as far back as anyone can remember to live above the Mason-Dixon line. I'm telling you, this girl has some SOUTHERN blood running through her veins. Ohio was one of the LAST places I pictured myself living after college.

All in all, I think my high school self would be impressed with my life right now. It hasn't turned out exactly as I imagined, but I wouldn't change a single thing!
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