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Thursday, January 2, 2014

What I'm Up To {January 2014}

I hope everyone has had a great 2014 so far! ;) Did you have all your essential foods yesterday? Collards for wealth, black eyed peas for luck etc.? I did. And I sure am enjoying having my best friend and her husband here to ring in the New Year right!

So here's what I'll be up to this month!

Making: New Year’s resolutions
Cooking: Healthier food than usual.
Drinking: Nothing but water. I had way too much soda over vacation!
Reading: The 5 Love Languages
Wanting: To see American Hustle. I mean it has Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Christian Bale, and Bradley Cooper. Why is it not a bigger deal than it is? Looking: Different than ever before with the shortest haircut I’ve ever had!
Wishing: I didn’t have to go back to work and real life.
Liking: My new pants and boots I got for Christmas
Loving: Saving Mr. Banks
Smelling: The wonderful plethora of aromas that come from my new Keurig, a birthday present from my parents!
Wearing: Warm jammies
Listening to: My Broadway playlist on Spotify
Obsessing over: The Divergent Series! Can’t wait till the first movie comes out in March!
Learning: About my own and my husband’s dominant love languages.
Praying for: Everybody’s New Year’s goals and resolutions
Playing: Hardingopoly! Best game ever. :D
Enjoying: Sleeping in my own bed
Waiting: To go back to Harding for Spring Sing. I know it’s far away, but I’m excited.
Wondering: Why it has to be so cold and snowy in Columbus
Hoping: To keep up my healthy lifestyle for longer than the typical new year’s resolution time period
Needing: To get back to normal after the holidays.
Following: The Oscar Nominations
Noticing: Other girls’ hair because I just got a major haircut.
Knowing: I am a beloved daughter of a Heavenly King
Thinking: About how much I miss my family. I got spoiled being around them so much.
Feeling: Old
Giggling: About how much Pip loves the antler Grammy gave him for Christmas. He never stops chewing on that thing!
Watching: The Full House DVD box set I got for Christmas
Shopping for: Possible Birthday presents for Pearson
Bothered by: All the weight loss commercials all over the place catering to New Year’s resolutions
Eating: Birthday cake… well, hopefully soon.
Wasting time on: BloggingSometimes it is time wasted
Working on: Trusting more
Looking forward to: My birthday!

What are you up to this month?
Thanks for reading!

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