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Monday, February 17, 2014

A Weekend of Love & Birthdays

Today is Pearson's Birthday! He's caught up to me at 24 years old. Man. 24. That sounds so weird. Anyway, since Friday was Valentine's Day and today is the hubby's birthday, we celebrated by spending a relaxing weekend in Amish country!

We drove to Sugarcreek, Ohio (or the Little Switzerland of Ohio) Saturday morning. The drive was so enjoyable but unfortunately the pictures I have are not very good because our windows were so dirty from being snowed on. But here are some anyway.
Pearson didn't want his picture taken // The building on top looked like a basket
When we got there we did some shopping and walking around. We ate stuffed ourselves with some good Amish/Swiss cooking for 2 meals and slept them off in the hotel room to the sound of the Olympics on TV in the background.
The market where we bought some sausage and cheese // our hotel
Somehow the only picture I have of a horse-drawn buggy // Pearson messing around in one of the shops
Sunday we slowly got up and ate a yummy breakfast at the hotel. Since everything was closed because it was Sunday, we set off on another leisurely and peaceful drive home in the snow.
View from our balcony // The place we ate dinner Saturday night // A tree in front of the hotel I thought was pretty with the snow on it
I cant wait to go back! Maybe in the fall when the trees are colorful and there is more to do and see. They have a cool Swiss festival in September. Anyway, it was a perfect, relaxing, much needed weekend. I feel recharged and ready to concur the week! I hope Pearson does too.

What did you do this weekend? Did you celebrate Valentines day?
Thanks for reading!
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