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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cara Box Reveal {Winter 2014}

I did a Cara Box swap again this quarter with Wifessionals. You can see my reveal post from last quarter here. This quarter, Cara Box was conducted mostly on Instagram and the partners were picked based on location. So I was paired with two lovely Ohio ladies, Shane (who blogs here) and Lori! I so loved getting to know these two lovely ladies through email and seeing glimpses of their lives on Instagram. I hope to meet up with them each for a blate in the future (blate = Blogger Date).

So I sent a Cara Box to Shane and I received a Cara Box from Lori and oh my goodness was I pleasantly surprised! Lori went above and beyond! I felt so loved. Here is all my loot...
The first thing I noticed was this 'M' plaque. It is so bright and beautiful. It makes me long for spring even more. She wrote est. 2012 because that is when we got married and the back says "Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." I love it!
The next thing I opened was 2, yes two, beautiful scarves! I love them both and have already worn them both. I plan to wear them a lot more as the weather warms up because they are thin spring scarves. Aren't they both just precious??
And of course Lori did not leave out the most important smallest member of the family, Pip. She sent him 2, yes two again, squeaky chew toys. He loves them! As soon as I took them out and squeaked them, he came running and couldn't decide which one to play with so he would try to carry both in his mouth everywhere.
She must have gotten the idea somehow that I like coffee because she gave me a Dunkin Donuts gift card (I love their coffee) and some reusable K-cups for the Keurig I got for my birthday in January!
Next, I opened these 2, yes TWO, beautiful bracelets. Aren't those just the cutest! That is an owl hanging down. And those beads on the other one are vintage and so so cute! I think she may have made these (correct me if I am wrong, Lori) and I absolutely love them!
She also got me two purple nail polishes which I have not gotten to use yet and it is hard to tell the color in the bottle. But she must have done her research because purple is my favorite color.

And last, but not least, my favorite items in the box were a notepad and a journal! I opened the notepad and thought "this is so cute! I can write blog posts ideas. I will keep it in my purse or by my bed." Then I opened the yellow journal with the birds on the front and my mouth dropped open! Is that not the cutest thing?? So the journal is in my purse/on my desk at all times and the notepad is by my bed and I have already filled both of them almost half way up!
It is very obvious that Lori put a lot of thought into this. She read my blog, emailed me questions and liked a lot of my pictures on Instagram. I am very appreciative of the effort she put in to send me the best Cara Box ever! Thanks so much, Lori!

I can't wait to sign up for Cara Box in the Spring! Signups are open March 3-5 and are done completely on Instagram. You do not have to have a blog to sign up. Just follow @caraboxexchange on Instagram and follow the instructions to sign up!
Cara Box
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