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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Favorite Pins from this Week {TGBTL 11}

Today's Girl Between the Lines prompt is "Share 5 of your favorite pins that you have seen recently."

I don't spend a lot of time on Pinterest anymore. I know, crazy right? I just haven't had time lately and have gotten out of the habit of just scrolling through and repinning things. I do however pin things I from elsewhere on the internet like on blogs I follow. I do this so that I can keep things together and find them again easier. Ironically, all 5 of the pins I picked are ones I pinned from elsewhere on the internet.

This first one is a post from the lovely Samantha @ Life Style Love. She has some really great tips for New Bloggers! Most (read: not all) of them I have learned by now, but they sure would have been great to know when I was very first starting out. And they are great reminders anyway!
Pin // Blog Post
This next pin was sparked by a new blog I discovered this week! I don't know why I wasn't follow Paige @ The Sticky Note Addict before now! I think we are a lot alike and could be BFFs (unfortunately, she has no idea I exist). Anyway, I digress. She posted some ideas for Valentine's Gifts for Your Friends and the first thing on the list was a Maybook Notebook. I thought the notebook was super cute, naturally. So I went to the website and you can customize your own! Too cool! So I created my own and pinned it to my "I Want That!" board to save for later. I have decided that it will be my next journal!
Pin // Website
This next one I saw on Facebook. One of my friends 'liked' it from one of those mommy help Facebook pages. I honestly have no idea where it originally came from and can't find it on Facebook again. I created the pin on my "In the future..." board and I think we are going to do it when we have kids. Isn't it a great idea? I want to write them letters in a journal and keep scrapbooks, but you can send anything with this.
I've been looking at bathingsuits lately because I am so ready for warm weather and summer and laying out by the pool. I am tires of this white stuff all over the ground! It needs to go away! Anyway, I found this suit from Target and I think it is pretty cute while still being modest. What do you think?
Pin // Website
This next one is the handiwork of the brilliant Shane @ Whispering Sweet Nothings. She wrote a perfect post about being Blog-kward and included this little gem. I think it describes blogging perfectly!
Pin // Blog Post
For someone who doesn't spend a lot of time on Pinterest, I think I these five are pretty great! What do you think?
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What were some of your favorite pins this week? Link up with Hayley and Lauren!
Thanks for reading!

P.S. Be sure to check out my guest post on Be A Warrior Queen today! Thanks to Raewyn for giving me that opportunity!
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