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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day, Schmalentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! I have never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day, even when I had a boyfriend. To me it just involved a lot of pressure to make the day special, find that perfect gift and card and fight crowds at fancy restaurants in which we were uncomfortable anyway.
BUT since we got married, Valentine's Day has been so much better. Now that we are married and live together (instead of living in dorms where the opposite sex isn't allowed to step foot), we can stay home easily and make the day special in our own way. No more worrying about reservations and showing our love to the public.

So, I am looking forward to tonight and this weekend being low key and focusing on my wonderful husband!

On that note, lets get to the Friday countdown!

5 things I'm loving this week

  1. Shirley Temple music and radio shows. After Shirley passed away earlier this week :( I found this playlist on Spotify and have really enjoyed it! I even cried in some of the radio plays!
  2. Vaseline Lip Therapy. Oh my goodness this stuff is like heaven on my lips! So glad I discovered it.
  3. The Olympics. I love turning on the TV and just watching whatever is on. I am always fascinated with all the winder sports like speed skating pictured above. Doesn't it look so crazy?
  4. My flannel shirt I bought to represent Canada at our Olympics kick-off party. I have been wearing this all week to sleep in.
  5. Getting to Skype with my BFF! Unfortunately I didn't take the signature screenshot, so this is not pictured above.

4 blog posts/articles I've loved this week

  1. I love that both Rachel from My Wholesome Home and Elizabeth from Army Ever After did Book Surveys after they saw it in my blog!
  2. Dating Advice From Disney Princesses (Whispering Sweet Nothings)
  3. Marriage is more than coupons (Simple Moments Stick)
  4. A Dad's Letter to his Daughter Written from the Makeup Aisle (Good Men Project)

3 posts I wrote this week

  1. A Wife of Nobel Character (Tuesday)
  2. I Love Chi Omega Pi (Wednesday)
  3. You Know You Married a Genius When... (Thursday)

2 confessions

  1. Right now our kitchen is a total mess because I haven't done any cleaning sense Saturday. It's just been one of those weeks.
  2. I have had time to clean, but I spent that time watching the Olympics and blogging. Oh well.

1 reason to smile

  1. I get to spend this weekend celebrating my husband for Valentines Day AND his birthday! Starting tonight there will be no school, work, or homework (or blogging) until Monday!
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