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Friday, March 28, 2014

I Get to See my Husband Tonight

Happy Friday everyone! I tell you, this week has dragged on. As you know, I have spent this week in Georgia for work away from Pearson and Pip. I am so ready to get home, BUT I've been able to spend this week with family and friends. I had dinner and/or coffee plans with someone different every night and I have loved it. And that is why I haven't blogged much this week. With one re-used guest post of my own, a guest post from a sponsor, one list and one day without a post, I feel sorta like a slacker. I would apologize, but I'm really not sorry. I've been living life. It's OK for the blog to take a back seat every once in a while. Anyway, lets get on to the Friday countdown, shall we?
5 Things I've Loved
  • Fresh & Fearless Mints I won at a Premier Jewelry party I went to last week. I love the tiger stripe tin and they taste good too!
  • The cute Tervis I stole from my mom to take coffee to work in this week. It says "You are a beautiful creation of God"
  • My hair cut. It was way overdue.
  • My Rental Car. I love driving a brand new car with all the fixings for a week!
  • My Planner from Barnes & Noble. It was in my stocking for Christmas and I have no idea why I am just now talking about it on here for the first time. I love this thing!
4 Blog Posts/Articles
  • Truths "Friends" Taught You About Life in Your Twenties {Buzzfeed}
  • 22 Photos That Prove Babies Need Pets {Hope Shared} There ain't no way we're getting rid of Pip if he's still around when we start a family!
  • To Share or Not to Share {Texpat} My friend from college, Kim, is pregnant with her second and she told the world even though she's only 9 weeks along! Gasp!
  • Love is an Open Door {Life With Amberly & Joe}My blogging bestie is so talented and great with children! I wish I had nieces and nephews to spoil like this and when I get them, I wanna be just like Amberly!
3 Posts I Wrote/Posted
  • Spring Date Ideas (Mon/Tues) - More on the issue of which day this was posted below
  • How a Journal Changed the Way I Blog (Wed)
  • What 3.5 Years of Marriage Has Taught Me {Guest Post} (Thurs)
2 Confessions
  • Monday night I put together my "Spring Date Ideas" post. I got it all written out, put a sweet graphic on it, added some labels and scheduled it for the next day (Tuesday) at 7:30 AM like usual. Or at least I thought I did. I actually scheduled it for that morning (Monday) at 7:30. I got a notification that Amberly had commented on that post and I was like "Whoa! She's psychic or something!" And then I realized my mistake. Oops!
  • I may be developing my own little woman crush on Candace Cameron Bure.
1 Reason to Smile
  • While this has been a great week of catching up with friends, family, and coworkers, I'm excited to go home to my hubby and furchild tonight!
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