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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March Gladness

A few days ago, a friend of mine put up a Facebook status talking about blessings in her life with the hashtag #MarchGladness. I had never heard of March Gladness so I did a little research. What I found was basically that several organizations, communities, and churches that are in no way affiliated with each other use the term "March Gladness" for service projects and other wholesome activities in March.

Anyway, I thought I would use the term as a reason to talk about why I am glad. It's no secret that I've been so blessed with so many things, people, and opportunities in my life.

*Side note here. I had this post all written out. I was going to talk about how "blessed" I am and how thankful I am for these blessings. But then I read this article and my ideas shifted a little. So at the end of each paragraph, I added a little bit about how I want to use these "blessings" in the kingdom, because God doesn't promise these things to his children. I didn't earn them. And there are plenty of Christians out there who are no where near as "blessed" as me. The only reason I can be truly blessed is by using my earthly "blessings" for good.

The biggest blessing in my life right now is my husband, of course. He is my best friend. He loves and supports me. I am so glad that he chose to love me and spend his life with me. But I am more glad that I get to live out one of God's greatest earthly institutions. I pray that God continues to use me through my marriage. I am glad I get to help my partner get through life and get to heaven one day. And I am glad that I can help other wives through my experience.
I have also been given the best family on the planet. My immediate and extended family support me and believe in me. Some of my family, whether they truly believe it or not, act like I am one of the greatest people on earth and I can do no wrong. I appreciate this so much and I am so glad I can bless them by my example and love for them in such a way. I have also been immensely blessed by the family I married into. My in-laws and extended family-in-law has completely taken me in as one of their own. It even surprises Pearson sometimes. I just pray that I can prove to be a blessing in their lives as well, as time goes on.
I have been given the most wonderful friends I could ask for. I have the most remarkable friends from college, whom I still keep in touch with, I have amazing friends in Georgia who I get to see every once in a while, and I have made some fantastic friends in Ohio. All of these friends hold me accountable. They open up to me and allow me to do the same. I know that all of them would do anything for me if I asked and I am so glad. I pray that I will always do the same for them. I want God to use me to touch their lives forever.
I have a fantastic job. I love the company I work for. I love the people I work with. And I love that I get to still work for them from home in Ohio. I am very glad to even have a full time job right now. On top of that, though, I have heard horror stories about horrible jobs and mean bosses. I am so thankful for the situation I am in. I am glad for the opportunity I have, because of this job, to bless others monetarily and to touch the lives of my coworkers in a great environment.

And last but not least, we all have been given the greatest gift of all; salvation. I am so very glad that God sent his only Son to suffer and die like He did because He loves me.

To truly be blessed means to know God and know His children. All His children. Including those not as "blessed" as me. Thanks, in part, to this article, I realize this and I will use my "blessings" to bless others. That is what I want to do. Who is with me?
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