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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"It's Great to be at Harding!"

Y'all, I had a fantastic weekend. If you don't know, I went to Harding University for Spring Sing. Here is my recap post from last year's Spring Sing if you wanna take a look.

I guess I'll begin at the beginning. Thursday morning I embarked on 10+ hour drive to my Nana's house. It really wasn't so bad. I don't mind driving. I spent the hours thinking, praying and jamming with Carrie, Taylor, Tim, The Boys and many others!
So the best part of going to Nana's house was the fact she had no idea I was coming! I didn't get to see any of that side of my family over the holidays for the first time in my life and it was really a bummer, so when I decided to head to Searcy for Spring Sing, I had to take advantage of being only a couple hours away from them. So I made a little pit stop at Nana and Pappy's house Thursday night and it was a wonderful time. (Pappy knew I was coming, but Nana was completely surprised).
Me and Nana // Pappy and Nana
Thursday night they took me to the Cove, which is a mom-n-pop restaurant down by the lake. I had the best burger I've ever tasted! I spent Friday chilling with the grandparents before heading out for the 2.5 hour drive to Searcy where Harding is.

While I was in Searcy, I had meals with my brother, uncle and cousins, Kellum (my best friend since Freshman year), Meghan (my old roommate), Ashley's in-laws (we got to know them well at her wedding), and Ashley and Taylor by themselves. It was so great to catch up with all these people.
Me and Kellum. Excuse our sleepy looks. I basically rolled out of bed and drove to Cabot Saturday morning to see her.
I had a coffee date with Ashley and a Fro-Yo date with Tyler (my brother) and Mary (his girlfriend). I also ran into a bunch of people I didn't really plan to but I am so glad I did.

And, of course I saw Spring Sing with Meghan. The theme was "New" because of a lot of new things going on at Harding right now, including, but not limited to a new university president who started in that position this year. The Knights show "The Show Heard 'Round the World" deservingly won first prize. They actually swept all the categories, which never happens. It was pretty crazy! We went to the Saturday Afternoon show so we snuck back in Saturday night (with what seemed like half the school) to see the awards.
Top:  the program for the show. Bottom: Knights receiving their award. Sorry it's so blurry.
Another cool thing about Spring Sing is that people in the show always do a flash mob before the show. It is usually very good but I missed it this year. :( I was on campus for 3 of the show times but I still missed it every time. But what was different about this year was that after the flash mob, the actors had to stay in character until the show started. So there were garden gnomes standing perfectly still on the fountain and in the grass. There were "little kids" running around the courtyard and playing duck-duck-goose. Cave men spoke in grunts, and Colonial men spoke in Old English. It was really cool!
Members of the "Freckles and Fur" show playing duck-duck-goose after the flash mob.
Sunday I went to the wonderful Easter service in the Benson Auditorium. Dr. Bruce McLarty (the new university president) gave a fantastic sermon. We took pictures after church, ate lunch and I soon headed home on another 10+ hour adventure.
Me and Ashley // Me and Tyler Easter morning after church
It was so great to be back on campus. I miss my time there, but it gets weirder every time I go back. I was so sad that I only knew a couple people in the ChiO's show. But it was a very refreshing weekend and I was so glad I got to see everyone.
So how was your weekend?
Thanks for reading!
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