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Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Letters to the World {April 2014}

Well it's time for my letters to the world again. This month, surprisingly I didn't have a bunch of letters ready, so when I decided to put this post together a couple days ago I had to come up with all my letters. But I really had no trouble coming up with them. Enjoy!
Dear Ohio,
Seriously, I just want Spring. You are doing a little better about it this week, but I would have liked this a little earlier. I still love you, but work with me here.

I think you've gotten a bad rap. When I first watched the finale, I was a little upset. Pearson and I turned off the TV and sat in silence for probably a whole 5 minutes before either of us said anything. But the more and more I think about it, the more it makes sense, and the more I like the surprise ending. I love how everything was so well thought out and fit together.
Dear Coffee,
Thank you for doing your job. For waking me up in the mornings. The problem is, I can't ever seem to be awake enough to make you in the morning. I need to remember to set everything up at night and set you to automatically brew in the morning before I wake up.
Dear Husband,
Thanks so much for cleaning the apartment while I was gone last weekend. And for having flowers, chocolate, and cute little love notes waiting for me to find this week. Thanks for making me feel loved, you're the best!

Dear Ohio State,
Is this seriously your finals week? This seems really early, but I am not complaining. No classes for my husband to take or teach over the summer means more time for him to spend with me, right? I hope so anyway.

Dear Candace Cameron Bure,
Come on girl! I am voting for you so much every week. I am so glad you're still in the competition, but I want you to do better. I know you can. You just have to believe in yourself! I wanna see you win that Mirrorball!
Dancing With the Stars
Dear Pip,
Why are you so afraid of Daddy's guitar?? He's not going to hit you with it. It sounds great when he plays it. I don't understand why you run and hide when he gets it out. :(

What would you write in an open letter to the world?
Thanks for reading!

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~What are you looking forward to the most in the Spring and Summer? Not freezing to death anymore. And moving overseas--always an adventure!
~What is your go-to cure for bloggers block? Chatting with my husband, eavesdropping on random conversations, spending time away from the computer.
~If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why? A slightly more moral and hygienic version of Captain Jack Sparrow. Because honestly, it's the honest ones you have to watch out, wait. Because his clothes are awesome and he's got a knack for coming up with brilliant though slightly farfetched plans in the nick of time.

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