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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What I'm Up To {April 2014}

First of all, Happy April Fools Day! It's April!! Woo! The high here today is supposed to be 72 degrees. Praise!! And since it is the first of the month, it's time for my currently post. So right now I am currently...
Cooking: Lots of stuff with Onions, Olives, Mushrooms and all of my other favorite foods.
Drinking: As much soda as possible
Reading: 50 Shades of Grey
Wanting: An Apple iPad Mini!!
Looking: Tan, slim and ready for summer.
Playing: Soccer
Wishing: It was cold again 
Enjoying: Time away from my husband
Waiting: Patiently for next winter
Liking: How the weather will get at least back down to the 40s next week
Wondering: What tattoo I want to get on my hip
Loving: Doing dishes, laundry, and other chores
Hoping: I will never have to go back to Harding again
Needing: It to snow
Wearing: My winter coat because I am boycotting warm weather
Knowing: (and understanding) everything there is to know about my husband's amazing work
Thinking: About how much I really DON'T like baseball and I think this opening day thing is overrated
Feeling: Completely awake and stress free
Watching: The Bachelor (it's on Netflix, right?)
Listening to: Rap. Lots of rap.
Obsessing over: Colored hair. I think I may dye mine purple
Shopping for: Christmas presents for next year. You can never shop too early or be too prepared.
Learning: What it would take for me to go back to school
Bothered by: Pip having to always be by my side
Eating: Lots of cake, pizza, chocolate, and anything else bad for me
Wasting time on: Playing Halo and other awesome video games. I am so addicted.
Looking forward to: Going back to Georgia for work in a few weeks.

What are you currently doing on this April 1st???

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