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Friday, May 23, 2014

Carabox Reveal {Spring 2014}

Once again, I had some great Carabox partners this quarter! I just love this swap. And guess what! You don't have to have a blog anymore to participate. You just have to have an Instagram account and follow #caraboxexchange. Sign ups for the Summer quarter will be open at the beginning of June. 
This quarter's theme was "hometown," which means our boxes were supposed to be full of things that represent our hometown. I sent a box full of Columbus, Ohio goodies to Savannah. And Heather sent me some fantastic Florida goodies!
Did you know that Publix started in Florida? She gave me a reusable grocery bag. She also gave me some great nail polish! We had talked about how I can't ever find polish that lasts more than a couple days. So Heather found this Gelous base coat that works like magic. I used it as a base and top coat with the Mint Essie she gave me and it lasted more than a week!
I love the EOS lip balm. And I will certainly use the beach defense sunscreen when I start doing more things outside. The soap and sponge are from Tarpon Springs where they harvest sponges out of the gulf! That's pretty cool. I didn't even realize that was a thing! And of course a Mickey dog toy for Pip from Disney World in Orlando! She sent several Florida post cards and I thought this one represented the two of us perfectly! It makes me a little jealous though. I would give up the left side for the right side any time for any price!
Pip LOVES his Mickey Mouse toy! He knew immediately when I took it out of the box that it was for him. He came over sniffing around and then when I squeaked it, he really knew and I couldn't keep it away from him after that!
 These Coconut Patties are from Orlando and they were delicious! I am not a huge coconut fan so I really was surprised at how much I liked them.
And of course, freeze dried ice cream from NASA! This was very interesting. I don't really know what I expected but not this. It tasted like an ice cream sandwich, but it was dry. Not wet. Not cold. But sweet. It crumbled like a cracker, even the ice cream part.
So anyway, as I was saying before, Carabox is a fantastic program that the wonderful and brilliant Kaitlyn created. It's fun to get a box full of goodies in the mail. And it's even more fun to go shopping for someone, thinking of what they like and what could fit the theme. But the best part is, meeting and getting to know wonderful women who live all over the country that you would never know otherwise! I still keep in touch with all my partners from the past. Isn't technology a great thing? 

Anyway, that's my Carabox for the Spring 2014 quarter. Thanks for reading!
On another note, Memorial Day is on Monday. I want to say thank you, first of all, to all our troops. Veterans, active members, those that gave their lives, and all their families. Your sacrifice is unmatched and absolutely appreciated. 

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