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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Personal Goals for May

Last month, I wrote out some of my personal goals on here for accountability reasons. I haven't done so well, y'all. Ok, here we go.
  1. Finish the entire Blogilates April workout calendarFAIL! I did pretty well until I left for Spring Sing... When I came back I just couldn't get back into it. Sticking to the calendar was pretty easy during the week, but I just couldn't seem to be motivated on the weekends. So, in May, my goal is to do something active at least 6 days per week. So whether that is doing the workout on the May Blogilates calendar for that day, taking Pip on an extra long walk, or going on a bike ride, I'm gonna be active. And so far I've done pretty well.
  2. Eat healthy and don't drink any soda. On this one I did OK. I was more aware of what I was eating and more cautious, but I didn't do as well as I wanted to. I had plenty of soda while in Searcy. Whoops. So this month I'm gonna do better.
  3. Keep track of our finances on CHECK! Pearson and I have both been doing really well with this one! And we're gonna keep it up in May.
  4. Pray all the time and read the Word every day. This one was OK as well. I will continue this month with reading and working on my promise journal now that I've finished my Lent Journal. Also, this month I am going to add that I want to pray with Pearson every night before bed.
  5. Decorate the guest room. FAIL! But part of it is because I am going to put some prints on the wall and our printer is not working. This will get done in May!
  6. Set aside time for blogging and stick to it. FAIL! I was terrible about this in April. But so far in May I've already been a lot better. I am only blogging when Pearson isn't home and it's actually working.
  7. Set aside time to read. FAIL! I literally read only 4 chapters of last month's book club book. I went to book club anyway and had a blast, but this month the goal is to finish 2 books. :)
So there's that. I'm kinda disappointed with myself, but I'm gonna do better this month. 
What are some of your personal goals for May?
Thanks for reading!
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