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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness - Psalm 96:9 {NIV}

"May God give you eyes to see beauty only the heart can understand. From the world we see, hear, and touch, we behold inspired visions that reveal God's glory. In the sun's light, we can catch warm rays of grace and glimpse His eternal design. In the birds' song, we hear His voice and it reawakens our desire for Him. At the wind's touch, we feel His Spirit and sense our eternal existence.
"All the world is an utterance of the Almighty. Its countless beauties, its exquisite adaptations, all speak to you of Him."
- Phillips Brooks
The world is an amazing place that represents the awesome God who created it. Brooks uses the sun, birds, and wind to show us God's qualities. I would also add that all little creatures show us the compassion of God because He cares for all of them. He makes sure they have the means to survive. The food chain shows God's design and how He has a plan for every living thing. He knew what he was doing, even when he made spiders. Thunderstorms show just a smidgen of His power, but that's enough to know what He is capable of and to remember His promise to Noah about the flood and to us about never leaving or forsaking us.
I just love being outside and being overwhelmed by our awesome God. I see Him in every season, but for me, it is especially obvious in the Spring. I could sit and watch a thunderstorm for hours, like I sort of have today, and just be awestruck. Even though I've seen a ton of thunderstorms in my life. It never gets old because I see what awesome things our God has created and I remember that He created me too. And that He loves me and sent His Son to die for me! How awesome is it that a God this powerful cares so much?

That's pretty awesome if you ask me!
Thanks for reading!
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