Enduring All Things: June 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Does young love work out in the 21st century? {Guest Post}

Hey everyone! I am very excited to have Mercedes of The Harr Life on the blog today sharing some relationship tips. She married her high school sweetheart just like me and we are both proof that young love DOES work out today! Take it away, Mercedes!


Hello! I'm so glad to be sharing some relationship tips with all of you From Bisons to Buckeyes readers!
That may sound like the silliest of questions to some people, but surprisingly a really low percentage of married couples met as high school students and a bit of a high percentage of those who did meet in high school have become divorced. Maybe it isn't so surprising considering that is a heck of a long time to spend with only one person. But I can vouch for the absolute bliss it brings! So in honor of everlasting love I am going to share some relationship tips that have worked out for my husband and I since we were wee little teens.

P.S. If you're curious we have been together since 2004 ;)

Understand communication: I'm sure you have heard how important it is to communicate with one another and I wholeheartedly agree with this. However something I have found to be even more important is to understand how your significant other likes to communicate and when they like to communicate. For example bombarding my husband right after he gets off of work to ask about his day is a big no-no for us. He wants to decompress and I completely understand this because when I was working I felt the same way. So make sure you understand the communication styles of one another.

Have me-time: I know you have heard all about loving yourself and making time for yourself. Well this holds true in a relationship maybe even more so than out of one. It's so common for us to want to spend time together and share life's experiences together, but this can also make us too defined by our relationship. As an individual we still have hobbies, interests, and things we just love to do (even if it's a mani-pedi day!). Being around each other 24/7 will ultimately result in some tension even if it isn't outwardly spoken about at the time. So make sure you love and cherish one another as much as you love and cherish yourself. 

Intimacy: Dates, cuddling, passionate moments, and just being close to each other is crucial! It's so important to go out and adventure and to not just fall into a routine. I'm not saying let your entire life and relationship be out of a routine, but make sure to keep that spice in your relationship however works for you and your significant other! This is extremely important when you have a child as well. I can say that when we had our son the intimacy decreased quite a bit and put a strain on our relationship. Kids are demanding and thankfully as first parents we eased into a parenting routine that worked for us and still allowed us to find time to be close with each other.

There are plenty of other tips I could give for a healthy relationship but for my relationship those three are the absolute most important and in a sense the most basic. 

Now if you're wondering about my question in the beginning about young love working out in the 21st century, it was to jog your mind as to all of the reasons people say relationships may not work out especially young love and then to know firsthand, from a couple that has beat the stereotype, that three simple values can keep any love strong and prosperous. 

Mrs. Harr

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Friday, June 27, 2014

I don't know what to say, but I'll publish anyway

I really don't know what to say here. Words don't do any justice in situations like this. The world lost a gem tonight (Thursday). Canon Callender. Lower 30s. Too young. A wonderful friend and brother. One of the greatest guys I've ever met. He always lit up the room whenever he walked in. He could point any situation towards a positive direction.
Caught in mid hug. I really wish it wasn't blurry, though.
He has been taken from us in a freak incident that nobody can explain. It's times like this that we want to ask God why. Why take such a wonderful person out of our world at such a young age? Why let him leave so many friends and family behind to grieve? He had so much ahead of him in life. He was a positive influence on everyone he came into contact with.

But that is both selfish and a bit ignorant. Who do we think we are questioning God? He doesn't make bad things happen. Maybe he "allows" them to happen because that's life. That's the life we humans chose when we sinned in the Garden. We can't expect God to keep all his children safe forever. Besides, then we'd never get to Heaven which is the goal and it's so much better than this place anyway.

Sorry, I digress. I needed to hear that myself. Canon, we miss you. Again, I don't know what else to say. I lay here in bed, unable to sleep. just reading more and more about you from your friends on Facebook and just start crying all over again.
We miss you Canon, but we will try not to be selfish. You are much better off than any of us are right now. We have each other to lean on until we join you and our Lord one day.

See you later, Canon! Love you!
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Ceremony Decor

It's Wednesday again and time for another Wedding Wednesday post! If you've missed them, here are all my #WeddingWednesday posts so far...
I absolutely loved my ceremony decorations! I borrowed some lanterns from a friend and used them on every few pews all the way down the center aisle. I used ivory tulle down the aisle as well and tied it up wherever the lanterns were with purple and green glittery tulle ribbon.
Here is another, zoomed out picture of the entire auditorium.
Pearson played his guitar in our duet, so before it was time to sing, it was sitting under the arch waiting. Speaking of the arch, I bought that at Hobby Lobby and hope to use it in our yard/garden when we get a house some day. Right now it's in my parents' basement. It was laced so elegantly with ivory tulle and beautiful flowers.
Below is the best picture I could find to show the whole stage up close. Yes that is my brother and Pearson's brother playing like they are getting married. Such goofballs. Anyway, I always wanted candelabras in my wedding because I grew up looking at pictures of my mom's wedding which had beautiful candelabras. So we rented these from hobby lobby and they were perfect. I loved them! The little tables to the side with flower arrangements on them matched the arch. I really like the cast iron look instead of white or off white that you see in so many weddings.
Another detail that I haven't shared on the blog yet was the flower girls' signs. On the way down the aisle, they carried one that said "Here comes the bride" and on the way back it said "Happily Ever After." My mom made the signs with materials from Hobby Lobby.
The lobby of the church building had a lot of flower arrangements on different tables but other than that we really didn't do much out there. The arrangement below though is one of my favorites. Isn't it beautiful! And that is our guest book complete with a pen with a huge feather on it. Pretty great, huh?
I had so many people help decorate everything. In fact the wouldn't even let me see any of it until I had to for pictures. They knew what I wanted. They had an idea at least, so they took that and ran with it not wanting me to have to worry about anything. I am very grateful to them and loved everything about it.

My Advice: Let other people help you and stay out of the actual decorating as much as possible. Plan how you want it decorated at first, but you have plenty of other things to worry about than actually setting everything up. Besides you should be enjoying your time with your bridesmaids and everything. Going along with that, be flexible. Don't be a bridezilla. If something doesn't look exactly how you pictured it, it's OK. I promise it looks just as good or better! 

Who decorated for your ceremony? Did you buy all the decorations or borrow and rent?
Thanks for reading!
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Bucket List

Ahh, it's finally officially Summer! (As of Saturday). I am pumped! I just love Summer and there are so many things I want to do this season. My Summer bucket list consists of 30 things, but I think they are doable. I've done several of them already and the rest aren't all big commitments so I hope to really make a dent in the list this Summer. Lets see how I do!
So without further adieu, here it is...
  1. Ohio State Fair
  2. Take Pip to the dog park
  3. Go to the zoo
  4. Go to a nature park near our apartment, take a picnic and hike the trail.
  5. Fly a kite
  6. Chill on our back patio all night just talking
  7. Game night
  8. Grill out
  9. Go to a Columbus Clippers (minor league baseball) game
  10. Stay up late playing video games
  11. Go to a farmer's market
  12. Explore parts of Columbus we've never seen and eat at food trucks
  13. Go for a bike ride.
  14. Make homemade ice cream
  15. Go to a beach on Lake Erie
  16. Go stargazing
  17. Have a watermelon eating contest
  18. COSI
  19. Cedar Point
  20. Putt-Putt
  21. Watch a sunrise/sunset
  22. Go camping
  23. Late night swimming
  24. Go fishing
  25. Build a fort
  26. catch fireflies
  27. Make S'mores
  28. Watch the clouds
  29. Go berry picking
  30. Watch fireworks
So what do you think? Do you have anything to add to my list?
Thanks for reading!


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~What is something you would attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? There's a lot I'd like to do and I'm working on one of those bigger things that scares me right now. Some things I'm not working on because I'm too scared to do would either be singing aka a Rockstar! or publishing a book. I've written what amounts to an entire book and I sing every Sunday almost with the church band, but I've never pursued either professionally.
~What is something at the top of your bucket list? Here's the link to my current "bucket list" and at the top now would be: goodness, either an NFL Game or losing 20 lbs so I'm not sure which one I'll do first. The other cool things like going out of the country or doing a cruise are already in the works and neither of these is, lol!
~What songs would be included in a sound track of your life? Jessica Andrews - Who I Am, Miranda Lambert - Famous In A Small Town & The House That Built Me, Brad Paisley She's Everything. I think that about sums up my life, and that was a little hard lol.

Go show Heather some love and be sure to check out these great posts!
~How to with Dad- Grilling
~#bookbash 2013
~A #tbt Birthday Edition
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Letters to the World {June 2014}

Hello wonderful readers! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We hung out with some great friends, ate some great food, got to relax a little and worship with the saints! I certainly can't complain. Well it's time for another Letters to the World post. I have to say this is going to be a positive one. I'm loving life right now and hope you all are as well!
Dear Summer,
Thank you for finally showing your face! <3<3<3

Dear Work,
I am just so tired of you. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for you for sure! I just need a vacation. Is that too much to ask?

Dear Jane Austen,
You are pretty brilliant. I'm sorry it's taken me this long in life to really appreciate you. I plan to read all your works and become immersed in the stories until I forget that I'm actually living in the 21st century like I am currently doing with Pride and Prejudice.
Dear Friday the 13th,
Thank you for reminding me how much I love scary movies! I wrote a blog post about scary movies I'd seen in the past and then that night we watched a couple. I'm back on that bandwagon!

Dear Walmart,
How do you have everything? I mean, everything. And at such great prices too. I could seriously walk around your store for hours and keep finding new things and end up with a cart full of stuff I don't need. Most people do this with Target and talk bad about you, but I disagree. You're pretty great too! (especially the brand new store that I could walk to from my apartment in about 2 minutes)

Dear Full House,
You never get old. Never. No matter how many times I've seen each episode, I still laugh, cry and fall in love with the characters all over again. They just don't make shows like you anymore and that makes me sad. But at least I have my box set of DVD's!
Dear WhichWich,
So we've come to the point where your employees recognize us. Hmm. Perhaps I should slow down on the wiches. Haha who am I kidding?!?! There's no shame in being known by employees at your favorite sandwich shop. And so I will continue gracing you with my presence once or twice per week. You're welcome.

What would you write in a letter to the world?
Thanks for reading!
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

6 things I've learned while living in Florida {guest post}

Hey friends, Happy First Day of Summer! I have a wonderful treat for you today! In honor of the first day of Summer, the wonderful Heather from My Little HEA is here to tell us a little about the Sunshine State. She was one of my Carabox partners for the Spring quarter and she sent me so many awesome Florida goodies. So without further adieu, take it away, Heather!


Happy Saturday Morning From Bisons to Buckeyes readers!! It's officially the first day of Summer; and since it's basically Summer year round in Florida, I thought I'd share with you some of the things I've learned about living in Florida over the past several years.
Owning sunglasses is a MUST. A hat comes in a close second and never leave the house without some sort of sun protection. It's hotter than Hades in Orlando or anywhere inland for that matter and it feels like someone is holding a magnifying glass over you from just a few inches away. I'm lucky I live on the Gulf side where we get a nice evening breeze most days.

Yes, you need sunnies, but you also need to carry an umbrella with you because it rains at the same time everyday for a few months out of the year. If you're stuck in an amusement park and it begins raining...don't leave, just step into a shop/restaurant/indoor exhibit and wait out the storm. It'll be sunny again in no time!
You will wait 2 to 4 minutes at traffic lights. It will seem like an hour and a half. You will also go out of your way to avoid sitting at said traffic light only to be bogged down by a retiree/old person/blue hair that doesn't know how to turn left without a green arrow. Flashing yellow lights are one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread.

Eastern Standard Time Sucks - so this isn't just for Florida it's for all Eastern States, but the shows you want to watch can start as late as TEN o'clock! 10/9 central is the bane of my existence since moving from Central time.

You don't want to plan a beach trip during the six weeks that begin at the beginning of March because actually getting onto the beach can take you over two hours if you're not careful and nobody has time for that.
You can watch the sunrise on the East Coast and drive four hours to the Gulf to watch the sun set that same evening. It's all about the Staycation when you live in Florida baby!


Well those are some great tips. I still don't think I would mind living in Florida over Ohio even if it does rain every afternoon in the Summer. But maybe that's just me. Why don't you all go show Heather some love!
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday's Favorite F Word: Father

To my father: Thank you for pushing me when I needed it, punishing me when I deserved it, and supporting me through everything. Thank you for always believing in me. Thank you for putting up with me and my teammates as a sports coach for as long as you did. Thank you for putting in me a love for baseball, musicals, and mostly Christ and His church. Thank you for teaching me right from wrong and putting great values and morals in my heart starting at a young age. Thank you for your confidence in me and for being proud of me. I love you!
To my father-in-law: Thank you for accepting me into your family long before Pearson and I even talked about getting married. Thank you for always hugging me and acting so excited every time you see me. Thank you for inquiring how I'm doing and really meaning it whenever we talk. Thank you for raising the man of my dreams and giving him to me for the rest of forever. Thank you for treating my like family in every possible way. And thank you for loving me like I'm your own. I love you!

Happy late father's day, you two! I couldn't have asked for better fathers in a thousand years!
Thanks for reading!
The Best F Words
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

10 Inspiring Quotes I Love

Sometimes I like to browse the quotes category on Pinterest. There really are some great quotes out there that really make you think. I thought I'd share ten of the best ones I've found recently. Some of these are religious, some talk about our society today, and some just make me smile.

So here they are in no particular order...

one // The less you own, the less that owns you.
two // You can always tell when two people are best friends because they are having more fun than it makes sense for them to be having.
three // All I need today is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus.
four // The Devil knows your name but calls you by your sin, God knows you sin but calls you by your name. - Ricardo Sanchez
five // Don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20.
six // Even the darkest hour only has 60 minutes.
seven // Why wish upon a star when you can pray to the one who created it?
eight // A lot of problems in this world would disappear if we talked to each other instead of about each other.
nine // Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its struggles, it empties today of its strengths. - Corrie Ten Boom
ten // People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason the world is in chaos is things are being loved and people are being used.
What are some of your favorite quotes or latest Pinterest finds?
Thanks for reading!
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Vendors

It's Wednesday again and time for another Wedding Wednesday post! If you've missed them, here are all my #WeddingWednesday posts so far...
A big part of planning a wedding is picking out your 'vendors.' There are tons of bridal expos to browse through vendors and everybody has people they recommend or don't recommend. Frankly, I skipped all of that. Everybody who helped with my wedding was either a family member, friend OR family member or friend of a family member or friend. Does that make sense? Basically I was pretty close to them or someone who knows them. Our home church is full of very talented people and I felt very blessed to have them help out!

I used Aron Wright Photography. Unfortunately, I was Aron's last wedding. He is the son-in-law of a wonderful couple who goes to church with us and I am so glad they mentioned him to us! Before I booked his service, I checked out his packages and prices and was blown away by how perfect they were. I actually knew someone from Harding who had used him so I asked her about him and she only had good things to say so I booked him up. Aron did a wonderful job! He was never awkward or in the way yet he got the job done! He made sure every picture I wanted taken was taken and then some. The entire experience was so pleasant! You can see some of the wonderful pictures he took right here on photobucket.
I am so very lucky that a lady who goes to church with us and is a close family friend is a florist! She has done so many weddings for my friends and other people at church that I absolutely loved, so asking her to do mine was a no-brainer! She was very reasonable and worked with me through every detail. Her number one priority was finding the flowers I wanted and arranging them just how I wanted them. And when she couldn't find a specific flower I wanted, she went out of her way looking and made me feel so special! She is oh so very talented!
Top Left: Our wedding cake had purple icing with ivory details // Top Right: The grooms cake was brilliantly shaped and iced like an acoustic guitar (and a cutie of a husband) // Bottom Left: The deliciously perfect cake pops // Bottom Right: Our Candy bar

Another lady from church is a caterer. She's done many parties and weddings for friends and families that I knew from the beginning that she would help with my wedding! Unfortunately, she would be out of town for the week of the wedding but she worked diligently up until she left town and sent her trusty sidekick to make sure everything went smoothly! We had a dessert reception and the food was delightful! I also had some other close friends help make cookies and cake pops which were to die for! And lastly, believe it or not, our cakes came from Publix! Pearson's dad is a manager at Publix and recommended the wonderful cake lady at his store. We couldn't have been happier with the service or the how the beautiful and delicious cake turned out!

One of our closest family friends was my wedding coordinator. She had done it for a wedding or two before and was very willing to help. She has a great personality and was not afraid to take charge and tell people what to do! 
Top: the auditorium decorated for the ceremony // Bottom: the fellowship hall decorated for the reception
I had a couple ladies help me with the planning and decorating. One had been a wedding planner in the past and the other was just so good this stuff. They worked really hard making my vision for the ceremony and reception a reality. They also worked really hard setting everything up. They spent the entire day before the wedding making sure everything was perfect and running to the store to get last minute things. Everything turned out perfect!

Basically, my wedding ran pretty smoothly and it's all thanks to some very talented people I just so happened to know! There are so many wonderful things about being in the Lord's church and one is the wonderful friendships you form with so many different people with so many skills and gifts! Often times the only similarity we have is our love for God and each other. Having a large extended (church) family is absolutely incredible! I know any of them would do anything I needed with no problem!

My Advice:
Be willing to let friends and family help you! You don't have to hire all these expensive vendors for everything. Ask around and see if any of your friends or family know any good photographers, florists, or caterers. Maybe they'll give you a friends and family discount.

Did you have much help from friends and family for you wedding? Or did you hire outside help?
Thanks for reading!
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

10 Books to Read This Summer {& a giveaway}

Well ladies and gents, Summer is upon us! The first 'official' day of Summer is this Saturday, the 21st! Boy, I feel like I've waited for this forever. I guess that's the effect a long, Ohio winter will have on a Georgia peach. Anyway, It's finally here and I cannot wait to be lazy by the pool with a good book all Summer. Our pool has been open since Memorial Day, but unfortunately, the weather hasn't been warm enough for me to justify being outside in a bathing suit. At least not on days when I have the time to anyway. But I have hope that it will warm up soon! 

So I thought I'd share with you 10 books that I'm hoping to read this summer. All of these have recently been or are soon going to be made into movies and I want to read them before I see them.
Summer Reading
ONE // Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky - movie came out in 2012
Paperback: $8.03 on Amazon, Hardcover: $13.48 on Amazon, Kindle Edition: $6.99 on the Kindle Store.

TWO // The Fault In Our Stars by John Green - movie came out last weekend
Paperback: $8.17 on Amazon, Hardcover: $9.99 on Amazon, Kindle Edition: $4.99 on the Kindle Store.

THREE // The Book Thief by Mark Zusak - movie came out in 2013
Paperback: $7.92 on Amazon, Hardcover: $12.09 on Amazon, Kindle Edition: $7.34 on the Kindle Store.

FOUR // The Host by Stephenie Meyer - movie came out in 2013
Paperback: $16.99 on Amazon, Kindle Edition: $7.99 on the Kindle Store.

FIVE // The Giver by Lois Lowry - movie comes out in August
Paperback: $5.08 on Amazon, Hardcover: $13.85 on Amazon, Kindle Edition: $4.12 on the Kindle Store.

SIX // Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card - movie came out in 2013
Paperback: $9.81 on Amazon, Hardcover: $14.50 on Amazon, Kindle Edition: $3.99 on the Kindle Store.

SEVEN // The Life of Pi by Yann Martel - movie came out in 2012
Paperback: $9.01 on Amazon, Hardcover: $19.08 on Amazon, Kindle Edition: $8.54 on the Kindle Store.

EIGHT // The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald - movie came out in 2013
Paperback: $11.22 on Amazon, Hardcover: $11.62 on Amazon, Kindle Edition: $3.99 on the Kindle Store.

NINE // The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien - first movie came out in 2012, second movie came out in 2013, third movie comes out in December
Paperback: $9.50 on Amazon, Hardcover: $22.67 on Amazon, Kindle Edition: $6.53 on the Kindle Store.

TEN // The Maze Runner by James Dashner - movie comes out in September
Paperback: $6.49 on Amazon, Hardcover: $10.93 on Amazon, Kindle Edition: $5.69 on the Kindle Store.

And guess what! You could win a $50 gift card for Amazon to buy some of these books! Or really, you could buy anything you want because we all know Amazon is like an online Walmart, right? If you can't find it on Amazon, you don't need it! ;) Just enter using the rafflecopter below!
La'Shawn from March to December // Sharlee from My New Lines // Charlene from Bisons to Buckeyes

Lauren at The Best F Words // Laura at Sincerely, Laura
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will run from 12:00 am MST on June 17 until 11:59 pm MST on June 23. All entries will be verified so please be honest! Gift cards will be delivered electronically.
Best of luck!
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Inspiration of the Month: Mia Robertson {and her family}

The entire Robertson family inspires me. Here they are, just as famous as many Hollywood celebrities and what are they doing with that fame? They're using it to spread The Gospel! They aren't ashamed of their faith and they've been given the opportunity to share that faith on such a large scale. And they are taking full advantage of that! Every time I turn on the TV, look at a magazine, or log onto my social media, I see something new and inspiring that the Robertsons have done. The women of the family are currently on the road, touring America, talking about their new book and discussing family, faith and ducks. Inspirational, I tell ya!

So when I saw an article about Jase and Missy's daughter, Mia in Us Weekly magazine, I was excited to read it. Even though I shouldn't have been, I was surprised at how open and honest both Missy and Jase were in the interview!
Mia's story goes like this: while Missy was pregnant, the family found out that the baby would have a cleft lip and possibly a cleft palate. This meant that in order for Mia to function properly (read: to even be able to eat) there would have to be several surgeries and she would never look completely "normal." The family already had 2 young boys at home and were about to welcome another huge responsibility into the family. It's how they handled the situation and the attitude with which they went about life that I find so inspiring.
In the US weekly interview, Jase admits that his first thoughts about the situation were thoughts of Mia's outward appearance. He says when he saw that the doctors were worried about her being able to eat, his priorities changed. I think this is so interesting because I usually don't think of fathers being superficial and worrying about the way their daughter looks. Especially a father who spends 3 months out of the year in a duck bind without showering or shaving. This just goes to show how twisted our society is with the emphasis it puts on being pretty. It affects everybody.

When I read about how Mia's brothers handled everything, I literally cried. As Missy said "They understood that this changed our family dynamic quite a bit and they needed to step up and take just a little more responsibility." We're talking about eight and five-year-old boys here! Jase said he sat down with the boys before Mia was born and told them like it was. He said that their mother wouldn't have as much time to take care of them as she used to and that they would have to take care of themselves and each other. And that's just what they did from that moment on. This is definitely a reflection of how those boys had been raised up until that point. They knew that family was important and that God was giving them this precious gift of a little sister full of responsibilities.
The next section of the interview was less about Mia and more about Jase and Missy. I absolutely love how they talked about being high school sweethearts and not having sex before marriage. Sometimes in our society today it's a little awkward to talk about and could be embarrassing to admit that. One thing that really stood out to me was when Missy said she wasn't worried or nervous on their wedding night because she knew that Jase had never done it either. This is exactly how I felt! Again, I love how they can proclaim this to the world. Or at least our country. Who knows, they may even make abstinence cool again! (Wishful thinking, I know)

There's one last thing I want to remark on. They both talked in the interview about how the Duck Dynasty show doesn't change anything about their lives before it goes on the air. What you see is what they do. They really all hang out as one big family and share meals all together all the time. I think it's really cool first of all that this family puts so much emphasis on family and shows that to the world. But I also think it's cool that they aren't going to change what they do to make the show successful. And guess what, they don't have to! The show is doing pretty well as it is!

I am so glad this family is sticking to their values even through the fame. They're spreading the Good News further than most of us could ever dream. And it's working!

Good work, Robertsons! Keep it up!
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday's Favorite F Word: Frightful

The fabulous Lauren who blogs over at The Best F Words does a "Friday's Favorite F Word" link up every Friday and I am so excited to be co-hosting with her this week!

We chose the word frightful because today is Friday the 13th and it is the only Friday the 13th all year! When Lauren suggested this word, I was so excited because I love frightful things! I love scary movies and haunted houses. I love sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories. I love 'believing' in haunted buildings and learning the history behind them. And I love Halloween! It is my favorite holiday, I even have a Halloween playlist on spotify!

What I love so much about scary movies is the thrill. I just love getting freaked out with my heart racing and sitting on the edge of my seat. Or burying my face in my hubby's chest. So here's a list of all my favorite scary movies in order of... Well, in order of my best experience while watching them.

ten // The Shining, 1408, The Mist, & The Village - These (and many more I just can't think of right now) are all movies that my dad rented at different times growing up. That's what my family did, we rented movies every weekend growing up. I always loved it when Dad would come home with a thriller or horror movie.

nine // The Sixth Sense - I watched this one for the first time when I was spending the night at a friend's house in middle school. Unfortunately the ending was ruined for me before hand, but it was still scary to stay up and watch it in her parent's big house after they went to bed.
eight // House at the End of the Street - This was one of the first movies Pearson and I saw in the theater after we got married. I was so excited to see this movie because a) it was a scary movie and b) Jennifer Lawrence! The movie was actually pretty great! I loved the twist at the end.

seven // The Others - I've seen this movie a couple times, but the most memorable was when Pearson and I were dating, he came over and we didn't like the movie my parent's were watching so we went to my room and watched The Others on my lap top (with the bedroom door open, of course). This was so much fun because, since I knew the ending, I could just watch Pearson be shocked at the twist.

six // When A Stranger Calls - When Pearson and I were in college, we chaperoned a youth lock-in at our church building. The movie they showed in the auditorium was When A Stranger Calls. We had to sit in the back of the auditorium watching for couples doing things they shouldn't be. I had to split some up a couple times, but by the end of the movie, nobody was doing anything but sitting on the edge of their seats and biting their nails.
five // The Ring - Back in high school, one Sunday night, the youth group all went over to a friend's house to hang out. A few of us decided to watch The Ring while a few of the others decided to watch Beauty and the Beast. The girls watching The Ring were all squished together on the couch and we screamed at everything that happened. That made the whole experience so much more fun.

four // Signs - Some time around middle school, I went to the beach with my best friend and her whole family. We all stayed in one big beach house and we 'teenagers' thought we were cool so we stayed up late every night playing bores games and watching movies. One night we watched Signs. We all squeezed together on the couch in a wide open house with lots of windows. BUT we were right by the ocean. If you've seen Signs, you know that water kills the aliens. Yet we still all had to sleep with glasses of water by our beds.

three // The Exorcism of Emily Rose - My sophomore year of high school (before we were dating) Pearson and I went to homecoming with 2 other people as a group of friends. Actually, if we were to split the group up into couples, Pearson would have been with the other girl, and I would have been with the other guy. We left the dance pretty early and went to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose in the theater while still wearing our dresses and suits. I vividly remember holding hands with my date and being so thankful that we saw a scary movie for that reason. Afterwards, I spent the night with the other girl and Pearson spend the night with the other guy and of course the guys called us at 3 in the morning to freak us out. I remember 3am being a significant time in the movie, but I don't remember why.

two // The Omen - Pearson and I watched this movie on our air mattress in the middle of our living room under our sheet fort! We hung out in the fort all weekend watching movies and playing games. This made the movie even scarier because sleeping in the living room instead of a bedroom is always scarier, right?

one // Supernatural - Ok so this isn't a movie, but it totally counts. Right after Pearson and I got married, we started watching Supernatural on Netflix. It took us 5 months to get through 7 seasons! We watched so many episodes all at once that I had nightmares almost every night. But I loved it because it was our thing.

So I think the moral of the story here is that what I love most about scary movies is the people I watch them with and the situations surrounding the movies. I love making a big deal about them and looking back and laughing at how scared I was.

While writing this post I realized there are so many more classic scary movies that I haven't seen. I should probably fix that!

What are some of your favorite scary movies? Are you a scary movie person? Do you love Halloween, haunted houses and ghost stories like me? Be sure to link up below! Thanks for reading and happy Friday the 13th!
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