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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Does young love work out in the 21st century? {Guest Post}

Hey everyone! I am very excited to have Mercedes of The Harr Life on the blog today sharing some relationship tips. She married her high school sweetheart just like me and we are both proof that young love DOES work out today! Take it away, Mercedes!


Hello! I'm so glad to be sharing some relationship tips with all of you From Bisons to Buckeyes readers!
That may sound like the silliest of questions to some people, but surprisingly a really low percentage of married couples met as high school students and a bit of a high percentage of those who did meet in high school have become divorced. Maybe it isn't so surprising considering that is a heck of a long time to spend with only one person. But I can vouch for the absolute bliss it brings! So in honor of everlasting love I am going to share some relationship tips that have worked out for my husband and I since we were wee little teens.

P.S. If you're curious we have been together since 2004 ;)

Understand communication: I'm sure you have heard how important it is to communicate with one another and I wholeheartedly agree with this. However something I have found to be even more important is to understand how your significant other likes to communicate and when they like to communicate. For example bombarding my husband right after he gets off of work to ask about his day is a big no-no for us. He wants to decompress and I completely understand this because when I was working I felt the same way. So make sure you understand the communication styles of one another.

Have me-time: I know you have heard all about loving yourself and making time for yourself. Well this holds true in a relationship maybe even more so than out of one. It's so common for us to want to spend time together and share life's experiences together, but this can also make us too defined by our relationship. As an individual we still have hobbies, interests, and things we just love to do (even if it's a mani-pedi day!). Being around each other 24/7 will ultimately result in some tension even if it isn't outwardly spoken about at the time. So make sure you love and cherish one another as much as you love and cherish yourself. 

Intimacy: Dates, cuddling, passionate moments, and just being close to each other is crucial! It's so important to go out and adventure and to not just fall into a routine. I'm not saying let your entire life and relationship be out of a routine, but make sure to keep that spice in your relationship however works for you and your significant other! This is extremely important when you have a child as well. I can say that when we had our son the intimacy decreased quite a bit and put a strain on our relationship. Kids are demanding and thankfully as first parents we eased into a parenting routine that worked for us and still allowed us to find time to be close with each other.

There are plenty of other tips I could give for a healthy relationship but for my relationship those three are the absolute most important and in a sense the most basic. 

Now if you're wondering about my question in the beginning about young love working out in the 21st century, it was to jog your mind as to all of the reasons people say relationships may not work out especially young love and then to know firsthand, from a couple that has beat the stereotype, that three simple values can keep any love strong and prosperous. 

Mrs. Harr

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