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Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday's Favorite F Word: Frightful

The fabulous Lauren who blogs over at The Best F Words does a "Friday's Favorite F Word" link up every Friday and I am so excited to be co-hosting with her this week!

We chose the word frightful because today is Friday the 13th and it is the only Friday the 13th all year! When Lauren suggested this word, I was so excited because I love frightful things! I love scary movies and haunted houses. I love sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories. I love 'believing' in haunted buildings and learning the history behind them. And I love Halloween! It is my favorite holiday, I even have a Halloween playlist on spotify!

What I love so much about scary movies is the thrill. I just love getting freaked out with my heart racing and sitting on the edge of my seat. Or burying my face in my hubby's chest. So here's a list of all my favorite scary movies in order of... Well, in order of my best experience while watching them.

ten // The Shining, 1408, The Mist, & The Village - These (and many more I just can't think of right now) are all movies that my dad rented at different times growing up. That's what my family did, we rented movies every weekend growing up. I always loved it when Dad would come home with a thriller or horror movie.

nine // The Sixth Sense - I watched this one for the first time when I was spending the night at a friend's house in middle school. Unfortunately the ending was ruined for me before hand, but it was still scary to stay up and watch it in her parent's big house after they went to bed.
eight // House at the End of the Street - This was one of the first movies Pearson and I saw in the theater after we got married. I was so excited to see this movie because a) it was a scary movie and b) Jennifer Lawrence! The movie was actually pretty great! I loved the twist at the end.

seven // The Others - I've seen this movie a couple times, but the most memorable was when Pearson and I were dating, he came over and we didn't like the movie my parent's were watching so we went to my room and watched The Others on my lap top (with the bedroom door open, of course). This was so much fun because, since I knew the ending, I could just watch Pearson be shocked at the twist.

six // When A Stranger Calls - When Pearson and I were in college, we chaperoned a youth lock-in at our church building. The movie they showed in the auditorium was When A Stranger Calls. We had to sit in the back of the auditorium watching for couples doing things they shouldn't be. I had to split some up a couple times, but by the end of the movie, nobody was doing anything but sitting on the edge of their seats and biting their nails.
five // The Ring - Back in high school, one Sunday night, the youth group all went over to a friend's house to hang out. A few of us decided to watch The Ring while a few of the others decided to watch Beauty and the Beast. The girls watching The Ring were all squished together on the couch and we screamed at everything that happened. That made the whole experience so much more fun.

four // Signs - Some time around middle school, I went to the beach with my best friend and her whole family. We all stayed in one big beach house and we 'teenagers' thought we were cool so we stayed up late every night playing bores games and watching movies. One night we watched Signs. We all squeezed together on the couch in a wide open house with lots of windows. BUT we were right by the ocean. If you've seen Signs, you know that water kills the aliens. Yet we still all had to sleep with glasses of water by our beds.

three // The Exorcism of Emily Rose - My sophomore year of high school (before we were dating) Pearson and I went to homecoming with 2 other people as a group of friends. Actually, if we were to split the group up into couples, Pearson would have been with the other girl, and I would have been with the other guy. We left the dance pretty early and went to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose in the theater while still wearing our dresses and suits. I vividly remember holding hands with my date and being so thankful that we saw a scary movie for that reason. Afterwards, I spent the night with the other girl and Pearson spend the night with the other guy and of course the guys called us at 3 in the morning to freak us out. I remember 3am being a significant time in the movie, but I don't remember why.

two // The Omen - Pearson and I watched this movie on our air mattress in the middle of our living room under our sheet fort! We hung out in the fort all weekend watching movies and playing games. This made the movie even scarier because sleeping in the living room instead of a bedroom is always scarier, right?

one // Supernatural - Ok so this isn't a movie, but it totally counts. Right after Pearson and I got married, we started watching Supernatural on Netflix. It took us 5 months to get through 7 seasons! We watched so many episodes all at once that I had nightmares almost every night. But I loved it because it was our thing.

So I think the moral of the story here is that what I love most about scary movies is the people I watch them with and the situations surrounding the movies. I love making a big deal about them and looking back and laughing at how scared I was.

While writing this post I realized there are so many more classic scary movies that I haven't seen. I should probably fix that!

What are some of your favorite scary movies? Are you a scary movie person? Do you love Halloween, haunted houses and ghost stories like me? Be sure to link up below! Thanks for reading and happy Friday the 13th!
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