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Monday, June 9, 2014

Kids Say the Darndest Things

For the last 2 quarters, I've been teaching the 3-year-old bible class on Wednesday nights at Church. This quarter I've graduated to Sunday mornings and I am so excited for a change in dynamic, not to mention the kids move up to the next age group in the Summer, so I got a lot of new kids who recently turned 3. Anyway, I've been keeping a list of some of the things these kids say because sometimes they just crack me up!
Here are a few gems, enjoy!
  • "Wrap Jesus!" He was coloring a picture of Jesus and literally just drawing circles around Him on the paper.
  • "There are monsters under the table!" Someone says this every class period. And it's not always the same child. Why the obsession with monsters?
  • "Who is Jesus' daddy?" "Adam!" Not quite, little one. Try again...
  • "Who is Jesus' daddy?" "The storm!" Nope, wrong again.
  • "Heaven is a bird." I assume he thought I was talking about Kevin- from Disney's Up?
  • "God doesn't love me, I'm a crazy thunderstorm." Okay...
  • "Jesus doesn't love me, Santa does." Yes, well they both do.
  • "Who do we read about in the bible?" "Bible!!!"
  • "What song do you want to sing?" "Bible!!!" This was the same girl from the last one, I guess she loves the Bible.
  • "Go home, [name of child]!" Why do they think they have the authority to tell each other to go home?
  • "What did Jesus say in our story?" "Jesus said no monsters will get me" Um, not quite.
  • "Zip our teeth" They all say this like it's a thing. I always thought it was "Zip your lips" amiright?
  • "I have Green Power!" Maybe I should start watching more kids movies and shows to get their references
  • "It ran away to me" The kid stole the visual aid and this was his excuse.
Out of the mouths of babes... :)
Thanks for reading!
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