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Monday, July 14, 2014

Year 2

Two years ago today, I married my best friend. It's hard to believe it's been two years. They have flown by.
Last year around our first anniversary, I blogged about the funniest moments, the hardest moments, and the unexpected moments of the first year.

Today I want to talk about year two. Year two was different than year one. Not particularly in a good way or bad way. I think it's safe to say that we are out of the honeymoon faze, so our marriage takes more work these days. But I after another year of marriage I feel like I know Pearson so much better. I've seen him deal with responsibilities such as taking care of a dog. I've seen him under stress and pressure with school. I've learned to love him in ways he understands. And I love him more and more every day.

So here's a little recap of year two: (It seems we did a lot more exciting things in the first year. Probably because there were a ton of weddings.)

Fun Events of Year Two:
  • New York Trip for our anniversary last year.
  • Both of our families came to visit. His in July and mine in October.
  • TSO Concert in Cleveland. 
  • Olympic kick off party. We got together with friends for the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. We dressed as different countries and had our own Olympic games. (we were Canada if you couldn't tell).
  • Reds Game. We went to Cincinnati for a Reds game with a bunch of friends.
LEFT: NYC first anniversary trip & my family when they visited // MIDDLE: TSO Concert & us dressed as Canadians for the Olympics party // RIGHT: Reds game & us dressed as Shamy for Halloween (more on that below)
Funny Moments of Year Two:
  • We went to a Halloween party as Shamy aka Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory. It was a big hit and I think we did awesome on the costumes if I may say so myself.
  • April Fools Day- This year we didn't trick each other, we tricked out church group at a devo. We told them that Pearson was not doing well in school and decided to leave after getting a masters and that we would head back to Georgia after this summer. Their reactions were priceless! Also, I wrote a completely bogus currently post on April 1st. :)
  • We decided to drive through the night to get to Pearson's parents' house for Thanksgiving. Pip got sick in the car a couple times and when we got to their house, we locked both of our keys in the car. At the time it was horrible but looking back now we can laugh and know we will never willingly drive through the night again, we always give Pip Dramamine when we go on long trips, and we always check for our keys before we close the doors.
Hardest Moments of Year Two:
  • Getting used to a new dog. We got Pip in august of last year and it's been a little bit of an adjustment but totally worth it!
  • My traveling for work. In the second year of marriage, I started having to travel to Georgia for a week at a time every couple months to work in the office. It's never fun to leave your husband for an extended amount of time, but I am thankful for cell phones and Google hangouts.
  • The cold winter. Seriously. This winter was horrible. We didn't see the grass here in Ohio (because it was covered in snow) from Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day. I almost never left the house. Especially on those days when it was -12°.
  • Pearson's work schedule. He has been super busy in the second year. In the fall he had a very time consuming TA position and in the Spring and Summer he has been getting ready for his Candidacy Exam. There are some weeks I hardly see him because he leaves before I get up and comes home at bed time. There have even been a couple nights where he hasn't come home. He stays all night in the lab. Not fun.
  • Our friend Canon passed away. Canon was a close friend to both of us who we left behind in Georgia upon moving here. He drowned a couple weeks ago and we went home for the funeral. It was tough. It still is and will continue to be. I am glad we have each other to lean on.
  • Becoming complacent. There have been times when we go days without doing anything exciting. We get off work and watch TV all night till time for bed. We only leave the apartment to take Pip outside. And we like it. We like it for a while anyway. Then we get fed up. Instead we should make an effort to keep the relationship and our married life exciting.
  • TSO Concert in Cleveland. We go see Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas concert every year. This tradition started the Christmas before we were married when we saw it in Little Rock while in school at Harding. Anyway, the first year we lived here, we went to Cincinnati and it was great, but last year we decided to try Cleveland. (They come to Columbus but it is always after Christmas, like the 28th or something). The drive to Cleveland should take a little over 2 hours so we left 3 hours before the show was to start. We hit a horrible ice storm and made it in about 4 hours missing a whole hour of the concert. We were both upset and shaken but we still enjoyed the rest of the concert. When we left, the storm had stopped and they already had the roads cleared so it was a much more enjoyable ride. We can kinda laugh at it now looking back, but at the time it was terrible.
  • Pip getting sick on car rides. Growing up my dogs traveled with us to Nana's house all the time (a 12 hour drive) and never got sick so I certainly was surprised the first time Pip threw up in the car. And the second and third time were surprises too because I thought the first might have been another issue. As I said earlier, now we know if we take him on a long trip, he has to have Dramamine.
Could you see a difference in your first and second years of marriage? What changed?
Thanks for reading!
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