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Friday, August 8, 2014

Columbus Park of Roses

Isn't nature beautiful! Last weekend, Pearson and I went to the Columbus Park of Roses to take some outfit pictures for my eShakti review and it was gorgeous! I have never seen so many beautiful flowers. It was hot, we weren't really dressed for a stroll in the park, and we were trying to get some good pictures so I know we didn't enjoy the park as well as we could have. I would love to go back in the Spring sometime when they are first blooming and when it's maybe not so hot outside.

Anyway, don't we serve an awesome God?? I know I've talked about God's wonderful creation a lot before, like here, here, and here, but I can't help it! I am awestruck when I watch a thunderstorm or a sunset and when I walk through the woods or a park of roses! Anyway, I'll stop rambling and let you drool over these pictures. Even though I'm not the best photographer, I don't have a great camera and pictures could never do the real thing justice anyway.
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