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Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday's Favorite F-Word: Famous

I've talked about all my favorite celebrities on the blog a lot. It's no secret that I love Jennifer Lawrence, Helena Bonham Carter, Julie Andrews, Hugh Jackman, and a few others. One person I haven't talked a whole lot about though is Candace Cameron Bure.
I have loved Candace since the Full House days and I was one of her biggest fans on Dancing With the Stars. I truly admire her in every way. I love following her on Instagram and Twitter because she really lets her followers see fun little glimpses of her life. Completely genuine. Perfect or not. And I even wrote her an encouraging letter earlier this year when she was getting all that grief for admitting to acting as a submissive wife.
It's no doubt that Candace is a Christian. She practically shouts it from the roof tops. But it's one thing to proclaim Christ and it's another to live Him. From what I can tell, Candace does. Based on what she shares with the world, she practices what she calls "intentional parenting" and she is a "submissive wife." Family is important to her and as a family they make church and bible study a priority.
What really impresses me about her is how she deals with the attention. I can't imagine being "famous" and having the entire country know who I am. I would hate having the paparazzi following me and the media reporting on everything I do. But Candace handles it with class. She smiles for the cameras but isn't afraid to show that she isn't perfect. And when there are pressures, arguments, and criticisms about her beliefs, she doesn't falter. She is always respectful, but she holds true to her values.
Candace really is someone I look up to. I aspire to be as brave as her. If I were in her position, I really don't know how I would handle it. I would like to think it would be similar to how she does, and I'm striving to get to a place in my life where I can confidently defend my faith in the face of trials.

Who is your favorite celebrity? Why do they inspire you? What would you say to them if you could? Be sure to link up your "famous" posts below!
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