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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Letters to the World {August 2014}

Hello Lovely Readers! It's time for another Letters to the World post! If you're new around here, I like to take some time every month to write some letters to whomever or whatever I want.
I've been collecting these for a month, so here we go...

Dear Polor Vortex,
I waited through the long, cold, snowy Winter and the non-existent Spring expecting to get to a glorious, warm Summer. And how long did that Summer last? Maybe a month. Maybe. How many times did I sit by the pool? Twice. How many times did I go to a water park or the beach? Zero. This is ridiculous! A lot of people love the cool weather, but I just cannot wrap my head around wearing a hoodie outside in July. Especially when I know it will be freezing in just a month or two! Ugh. I want my Summer back!

Dear Fall,
Speaking of cool weather, I would like for you to get here. Since it feels like Fall right now anyway, I want all the benefits of Fall: Football, Pumpkins, Halloween, new seasons of TV shows, you get the idea. I want you to get here but I don't want it to get any colder outside, deal? Deal!
Dear Menchie's Frozen Yogurt,
Thanks for having Pumpkin flavored frozen yogurt! Yum! I could only get like half of a cup full because everybody must have gotten Pumpkin today, but it was so good! I just closed my eyes and savored the first taste of Fall. I am so so so ready!

Dear Goodreads,
Why have I not been using you? I got an account in 2012 but I think the only books I had interacted with at all were the Hunger Games. Recently I rediscovered you and there is so much to do. Networking, lists, recommendations, quizzes. I love it!

You are a genius! I love wiki's and I don't know why I never referenced you before.

Dear #ALSIceBucketChallenge,
I think you're awesome! There are people hating on you because you are annoying and there are people being negative about how it takes a "fad" for our country to do good, but I don't care. You are doing a lot of good for a little known disease and I am glad!

What would you write to the world this month?
Thanks for reading!
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