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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Guest Post from Pippin Maugeri

Hey guys, Pip here! My mommy says I can take over her blog today because it's my "gotcha day" and because she's hanging out over at The Samantha Life while Samantha's out of town for her brother's wedding! (psst... You should totally go read her post over there, but be sure to come back).
Now, I'm really not sure what a "gotcha day" is, but I think Mommy and Daddy said something the other day about getting me from the shelter a year ago, so maybe "gotcha day" means the day they got you... Clever. So if that is correct, I have been living with Mommy and Daddy for exactly one year today! I am so glad they got me from the shelter that day.
So here are some thing's I've liked about living with Mommy and Daddy:
  • The cuddles and scratches
  • Chasing squirrels and other tiny animals
  • Playing with toys and bugging Mommy and Daddy to play with me
  • Hanging out on the patio.
  • When Daddy gets home from work.
  • When Mommy feeds me scraps from the table.
  • Riding in the car. (Except when we go on long trips and I get sick)
  • Our new car.
  • Long walks.
  • When mommy lets me sleep on the bed
  • The fact that mommy stays home with me most days
  • My cousin, Colbie the German Shepherd
And here are things I haven't liked about living with Mommy and Daddy:
  • Daddy's guitar
  • Bubbles. Why do they think it's funny that I don't like bubbles and blow them at me just for fun?
  • Getting my finger nails clipped
  • Seeing squirrels and other tiny animals through the window and not being able to get to them
  • When I have to come inside from the patio
  • When I got in trouble for escaping from the patio
  • When Mommy doesn't feed me scraps from the table.
  • Getting car sick on long trips. Mommy and Daddy sure like to drive long distances for the holidays
  • When Daddy makes me sleep in my crate
  • When Mommy goes out of town for a week at a time. What's up with that?
  • When Mommy and Daddy go out of town for the weekend and don't take me
  • My cousin, Gracie the Chihuahua. She's annoying and doesn't like me either.
Overall it's been a pretty good year. It definitely beats staying in that shelter where nobody loved me and I lived in a tiny, cold cell room with no carpet or anything. Yuck!
Mommy and I both encourage you to go to your local animal shelter next time you're looking for a little furry friend! These animals need a home and they will love you forever if you give them one!

Thanks for reading! And see you next time!
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