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Monday, September 8, 2014

Showing the Respect I Feel - Marriage & Relationship Goals

This weekend, I started (re)reading the book For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn. I talked a little about this book in my post about 5 books to strengthen your marriage and decided to read it again because it had been a while. Oh my goodness, what an insightful and eye opening book!
The beginning of the book talks about respect. It is a theme that runs through every aspect of most men's personality. So my goal for this month is show respect to my husband in every way possible. It is not enough to respect him, I need to show it.

One thing the book talks about is teasing. So many women (myself included) tease our husbands in public or tell jokes at his expense. We don't think anything of it. In the book's example, the wife reveals, at dinner with another couple, that their dishwasher is broken and mentions in jest that her husband "isn't really a handyman." To most women, this seems harmless, but according to the book, it's detrimental to our husbands. And worse, if we are out with other men, it makes our man look weak and everything in life is a competition with men. Even subconsciously. The other man could be thinking "if his wife doesn't even respect him, he'a nothing! We'll walk all over him in our next business deal." I know I can certainly be guilty of this public teasing.

Another aspect that's somewhat related is the idea that a man's ego is the "most fragile thing on the planet." Have you ever thought your man was too proud of himself and it's your job to knock his inflated ego down to size? I've caught myself thinking like this at times. But the reality is that it's not a matter of pride, it's just the way men act and sometimes, how they mask their insecurities. 

I respect my husband very much, but as much as I try, I know I don't always show that respect. So this month, I am going to focus on showing that respect. I will not ever put him down or tease him in public. I will respect his judgement and his actions in everything from his priorities in getting housework done to his wanting to find his way without asking for directions.
 Marriage & Relationship Goals
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