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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend in Numbers {Labor Day Edition}

13 - Hours spent watching football
85 - Minutes spent Skyping with my best friend, Ashley.
1 - Last time to teach Sunday School for the time being. I taught for 3 straight quarters and I am ready for a break.
0 - Babies came to the nursery during worship Sunday morning when I had nursery duty
4 - Individual slices of pie consumed Saturday night (not just by me- Pearson had 2 of them)
14 - Episodes of 19 Kids and Counting watched
8 - Episodes of How I Met Your Mother watched
97 - Minutes spent watching The Giver
23 - Footballs (the ones where you can see half or more) on my fingernails.
30 - Years ago on September 1st my wonderful parents got married
3 - Clothing stores visited and...
0 - Items of clothing bought

What did you do this long weekend?
Thanks for reading!
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