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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to Host Your Parents for a Weekend

So my parents came to visit this weekend for the 3 year in a row. It's sorta become a tradition. They always come for a weekend on October to see the beautiful leaves and see us. Anyway, the last two years I was really prepared and had meals and fun stuff to do planned for the whole time. This year, not so much. So I give you 15 tips for how to host your out-of-town parents for the weekend.
  1. Go to Universal the weekend before and get really tired so you don't wanna do anything to get ready for your parents' arrival.
  2. Only seriously clean your shower once per year right before they come.
  3. Start cleaning your apartment the day before they come.
  4. Take off 2 days of work to sit around and do practically nothing with your parents just because you can.
  5. Don't plan meals or anything and just wing it the whole time.
  6. Send your hubby and/or your dad to the store a couple times per day to get things you forgot you don't have.
  7. Don't plan much to do while they're here. In fact, you could buy some tickets to the Ohio State game the day before they get here. There's one day planned.
  8. Oh, and of course you've gotta watch Dancing With the Stars. That's one night planned.
  9. Stay up late every night for no reason. Just talking, playing cards, and watching movies. Then sleep in through late morning and then nap on the couch all afternoon.
  10. Go to Lynd's Fruit Farm on a Monday when "U-Pick" is closed (we couldn't pick our own apples) and the market is out of all the good stuff after selling it all over the weekend and hasn't gotten new stock in.
  11. Watch Oh Brother Where Art Thou because your dad found out your husband has never seen it and that's just absurd.
  12. Have your dad 'teach' you and your husband the card game, Rook because that's what your parents do for fun and it's more interaction than watching another movie.
  13. Let your dad drive everywhere. Hey, he would rather be the one driving and you can certainly save on gas!
  14. Take no pictures for the blog because you're too busy living life. (My mom took the above one at Lynd's and I took a couple of Pip but that's it.)
  15. Enjoy every minute with your parents! I sometimes forget how much I really miss them with my busy life. But when they're around things just seem right, you know?
What do you do when your out-of-town parents come to visit?
Thanks for reading!
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